Smart Kitchen Gadgets That You Need To Have in Your Modular Kitchen

Cooking is fun, but when it comes to the time and effort in making an astounding dish this can be a real drag. To ease our effort, smart kitchens are already in progress, Pre-installed with ovens and chimneys.

Smart kitchens are in demand not because they are just smart but they are actually helpful. To cope with these smart kitchens and make our work more trouble-free, the market is flooded with tons of gadgets and tools.

Whether it is about using AI to help you become a better cook or providing you with a source of entertainment, smart kitchen devices can be very useful.

The advancement in technology has transformed the whole kitchen space, different tasks from chopping to cooking can be done within a fraction of minutes with the help of these smart gadgets.


Let deep dive to see some of the best smart kitchen devices available to help you find the right gadget for your modular kitchen.



  • Smart Microwave:

    A smart microwave is quite versatile in nature as it connects to the home network, usually a Wi-fi, that includes the additional features and capabilities. One can interact through an LED touch screen interface that can help in finding out the cooking status. 

A smart microwave has bar-code scanning capabilities that can help us to download the cooking instructions. The microwave comes with a convection technology with some additional heating elements. These elements can add options for toasting, browning, crisping the food.

  • Air Fryer:

    If you want to ignore the higher intake of fried foods and promote your weight loss, then nothing can’t beat an Air fryer. Air fryers are the best if you want to add crunchiness and crispiness to your food. Moreover, they are much safer than deep fryers. Some smart air fryers are also available in the market which makes your frying hands-free as you can control them with your phones. You can easily find a wi-fi-enabled air fryer on Amazon. All you need to do is apply Amazon promotional codes that you can easily find from Couponscurry. These codes can help you save a lot on your party meals.


  • Smart Fridges:

    With the evolving trends in technology, now it is quite handsfree to monitor our refrigerators. The interior-facing fridge camera can help your track your fridge’s inside view. You can even use your smartphone to peep into your fridge even when you are away from your home.

With a smart fridge, you can even check the expiration dates on most of the groceries items. One can also label the foods appropriately. With Amazon Alexa and google assistant, it is quite easy to control some features. 


  • Instant Pots:

    Instant pots are one of the most multi-purposed kitchen appliances. With Wi-Fi and Alexa power one can easily monitor it. Whether you want to use it as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, saute pan, steamer, or cake maker you can directly do this through voice instruction to Alexa. The pot comes with a 6-quart capacity which can be perfect for a weekly meal prepping or a family dinner. 


  • Smart Trash Can:

    The smart trash can is equipped with an infrared sensor that automatically opens the lid by sensing your hand. And, it keeps the lid open until you move your hand away. If there is some kind of inactivity, then the lid closes on its own after 5 seconds. These smart trash cans are highly durable to meet the capacity every day. Besides a trash can, you can also use them as storage buckets to organize toys, foods, and clothes.


  • Coffee Maker:

    A coffee maker is one of the life-saving gadgets especially if you are a working professional. Coffee can give us energy helps to relieve stress. That is why it is one of the most useful tools. With a coffee maker, you can easily save time with blending. 

All you need to do is adjust a brewing time and set the brewing strength. A smart coffee maker can easily be turned on and off with Alexa. So there is no need to pull out the cabinets and all. And, the best part is the heating plate automatically turns off after two hours a safety precautions. One can use Flipkart codes to get an additional discount on the electronics and kitchen gadgets to purchase exclusively on Flipkart. 


  •  A Smart Pan Fryer:

    This consists of a set of portable induction burners along with a sensing stainless steel pan. Generally, it comes with a manual that will guide you step-by-step to go through each meal. A smart pan fryer helps you with adjusting the temperature so that you do not have to worry about watching the pan while you are doing other tasks such as chopping, preparing, and scrolling through the recipes.