Sam’s Club Gas Prices: All the Information You Need

About Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a retail chain that sells bulk food to members for a fee. To enter the store, you must present a special card proving your affiliation with the organisation. Gas is another benefit they provide to members. 

If you’re interested in this aspect of the business, you may be wondering what you should know about Sam’s Club gas prices.

If you want to learn more about Sam’s Club gas prices, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll discuss everything from how they compare to other companies to the differences that exist by state. 

You should know your options if you’re thinking about the best way to get gas. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

What Is the Average Gas Price at Sam’s Club?

To buy gas at Sam’s Club, you must first sign up as a member. You can then take advantage of their gas prices. reports that Sam’s Club gas prices are typically 10%-20% lower than the area average. For example, if the price was $3.59, you could expect to pay around $3.24 for gas.

Sam’s Club works hard to provide lower-cost gas options across the country. The membership fees are worth it to gain access to their less expensive fuel, especially if you live in a state where gas is expensive.

Many businesses strive to provide services similar to Sam’s Club. Next, let’s compare Sam’s Club to other similar establishments.

How Do Sam’s Club Gas Prices Compare With Others?

There are several other membership-only gas stations in the country. You must pay a fee to join before earning rewards and purchasing gas from their gas stations. Let’s go over these next, so you have a better idea of your options.

According to, here’s how Sam’s Club compares to its two major competitors:

Costco: When it comes to gas prices, Costco is the stronger competitor. The price is frequently nearly $0.20 less than the national average. This drop is fantastic for customers.

BJ’s: This is another bulk store that competes with Sam’s Club. They’re about $0.10 cheaper than the national average, making them slightly more expensive on occasion.

Sam’s Club typically falls in the middle when comparing these three competitors, but it is frequently the most expensive option.

Costco is easily Sam’s Club’s strongest competitor regarding gas prices. If you want to save a lot of money every time, this is a better option than Sam’s Club. Still, not everyone lives near a Costco.

These locations provide excellent discounts to customers who prefer them to traditional gas stations. A membership to one of these locations will help you save money.

Do Sam’s Club gasoline prices differ by state?

As previously stated, Sam’s Club gas prices vary by state. This fluctuation is caused by local taxes, supply and demand, and inflation. Gas prices in California are not the same as those in Alabama.

Here are a few examples of Sam’s Club gas prices, assuming they are 10% less than the local price:

  • Florida: $3.19
  • California: $4.20
  • Texas: $2.75
  • Alabama: $2.80
  • Arizona: $3.30
  • Georgia: $3.10
  • Ohio: $3.00

Sam’s Club is known for being consistent in how they structure their gas prices across the country, so you know you’re dealing with a dependable company.

Sam’s Club excels at providing customers with savings based on the national average. However, you may wonder if Sam’s Club allows customers to reduce gas prices even further.

Is there a way to save money on gas at Sam’s Club?

If you want to save money on gas, you may wonder if Sam’s Club allows you to save even more. After all, many well-known gas stations prioritise providing customers with a way to keep their money in their pockets so that they will return for more.

Those interested in earning rewards with Sam’s Club gas prices have several options with this company. According to, here are a few savings options:

  • Sam’s Club Credit Card: When you use the Sam’s Club credit card to fill your car, you can earn rewards.
  • Sam’s Club Membership: The basic membership offers limited savings and other perks at the pump.
  • Sam’s Club Membership Plus: This card provides even more savings. When you buy a Sam’s Club Membership card, you can get up to 5% back.

All three of these cards offer all customers savings and lower gas prices. You must have a Sam’s Club membership to purchase the gas; this bonus will help you save money.

Unfortunately, the Sam’s Club Membership Plus costs twice as much as the introductory offer. If you want to save money on gas, you must spend significantly more money on your purchase.

Some Smart Ways to Save Money on Gas

  • Combine trips: Your quick trip to the grocery store to get milk will add up. Why don’t you wait a little longer to add to your shopping list before you go? Combining your trips will save you a significant amount of fuel.
  • Break lousy driving habits: Stop making abrupt accelerations and braking, as these driving habits will cost you fuel. Frequent acceleration and braking will reduce your fuel economy by 10% to 40%.
  • Observe proper maintenance: A well-maintained vehicle will perform better and use less fuel. Stick to the manufacturer’s service plan for your vehicle to make it run more smoothly and powerfully and save gas in the long run.
  • Track local gas prices: Your nearest gas station may not have the best gas prices in your area. Use gas tracking apps like GasBuddy to find the best prices.


We’ve discussed many aspects of Sam’s Club gas prices. There is so much that comes with gas at a Sam’s Club location, from how they compare to other companies to the benefits you can get with this corporation.

If you’re considering getting a gas membership, you should consider all these factors.

We hope you found this helpful information! Most states have Sam’s Club, so those who commute frequently may benefit from the lower gas prices by becoming a member here.

If you’ve never tried it before and don’t have a Costco or a BJ’s in your area, Sam’s Club is a great way to save money.