Ready for immediate use: What you get with the basic product from Shopify

Think about the last time you bought a cell phone. Immediately after unpacking, it can take photos and videos, connect to the Internet, offer navigation services and predict the weather. Your smartphone was ready for immediate use. You could do everything you expect from a modern mobile phone right away.

The basic Shopify product – what you get with every Shopify tariff – works the same way. Shopify is your central point of contact for running your business: you get a storefront, a payment provider, a shipping partner, a back office and a marketing center – all in one. These are the core functions of the successful operation of a company.

More specifically, you will receive the following after signing up for Shopify. You can also check


  • Hosted online shop. 

You immediately have a hosted online shop where you can create websites, upload blog posts and, of course, sell products. You can customize the appearance of your store by changing the website template or theme. You can find the right theme for your business in the Shopify Theme Store. (Note: Shopify offers free web hosting with every tariff. A hosted platform means that our servers work hard around the clock to get your website up and running and ensure trouble-free operation. We take care of everything, from the security of your website to software updates, so you don’t have to do that).

  • POS Lite. 

Shopify POS is a point-of-sale app that allows you to sell your products personally, e.g. in retail stores, markets and pop-up shops. Each Shopify plan is provided with a free POS Lite plan. All you have to do is register a store in your admin area and set up the associated hardware.


  • Payment processing. 

You can choose from over 100 payment gateways. However, you can also opt for Shopify Payments, which eliminates the need to set up a third-party provider and saves you transaction fees. No matter what you choose, you will be prepared for all important payment methods and sales in 133 currencies.

  • Shopify checkout. 

Whether you sell in your own shop or through sales channels such as Instagram, you will be able to use Shopify’s checkout. With over 2.5 billion orders processed, Shopify checkout is constantly optimized for speed, conversion and an ideal customer experience. This gives you access to the most powerful checkout in the world.

Shipping partners

  • Shipping. 

You can create the shipping setup that works for you, from the execution of orders in large quantities to the creation of SCAN forms to the agreement of pickups with UPS and DHL. If you are based in Canada, the USA or Australia, you can use Shopify Shipping to offer live order tracking, fast shipping and discounted pre-negotiated rates. You can also offer contactless pick-up and local delivery options.

Back office

  • Mobile app

Download the free Shopify app, which allows you to manage your business from your mobile device. You can easily do everything you would do on your computer on your mobile phone. So you can keep up with your business wherever it takes you.

  • Analyses and reports

View shop activities in real time, gain insights into your visitors and analyze your business performance. You will also receive detailed insights and reports about your business so that you can optimize the activities of your shop.

  • The Shopify App Store

The Shopify App Store is a collection of free and premium apps that extend the functionality of your online shop. It’s an excellent way to add more specialized features and functionalities to your store, be it a full-featured solution package for your marketing or connecting with local shipping providers.

  • Support

Get the support you need with round-the-clock customer support, comprehensive documentation, educational resources and outsourcing software development with Digitalsuits

Marketing center

  • Marketing platform

With Shopify’s marketing platform, you can reach more customers as well as create Facebook and Google Shopping campaigns via the integrated blog and SEO tools. You can track your campaign performance across all channels in a central dashboard and retain full control over your customer data.