Prospects of MBA in Marketing in 2022: Thinking like a millennial

Have you decided to do an MBA in 2022? Well, that’s excellent. No other degree offers a wider range of professional opportunities as an MBA in Marketing.

However, are you still stuck in the thought process of the 90s teens? Better not, because that’s not going to take you anywhere in the world of millennials. In fact, gone are the days when an MBA used to be equivalent to a job.

If you want to be successful with an MBA in 2022, you need to think like millennials.

The old road is, in fact, rapidly aging and you need to buckle up for a new ear and approach your MBA pro-actively right from the start.


How to think about an MBA like a millennial

  • Not what but how

The millennials focus on how they learn something over what they are learning. There are many canonical theories in management that have become obsolete if not irrelevant. Instead of focusing on them, learning should involve engaging with real industry cases.

The big question is how businesses function through innovation and evolution. Indeed. there are some cardinal rules, but you will have to depend more on improvisation and innovation as a professional.

And in this, nothing can be better than your training starting while you’re still a student.


  • Insider’s knowledge

Yes, you need to know how industry cases are resolved in real-time. However, that can’t ensure that you will be able to fulfill all relevant professional responsibilities. That can come only from real work experience in business houses.

The best way to achieve this while still in college is to explore internship opportunities with different business houses. Part-time jobs are also extremely useful in this regard. Industrial visits, workshops, and STPs are also useful.

And guess what, in doing internships or part-time jobs, you can also earn while you learn.


  • Understanding the borderless market

When it comes to the global market, the borders separating countries are invisible. Top companies are competing with each other to explore a global base of consumers, and many Indian companies are leading the line here.

If you do an MBA that ensures global exposure, you will be eligible for professional roles at international business locations. Study Abroad Program or short-time training in foreign business locations are some of the ways in which you can gain global exposure.

Plus, with global exposure, you can fulfill your dream of taking up a professional role in the West.

Top MBA courses for 2022

  1. MBA in Marketing

With an MBA in Marketing, you become eligible for a wide range of opportunities in the business world. It is easily one of the most popular specializations in B-schools globally.

As a marketing professional, you will be connecting customers with products, and it is a critical function of all businesses. Within MBA in Marketing, there are several sub-specializations as well.

For instance, in recent times, Digital Marketing has emerged as an MBA specialization in its own right. The domain is only going to grow in the future and there will never be a dearth of opportunities.


  1. MBA in Forest Management

If you’re looking for a niche domain to work in, and if there is a special place in your heart for the wild, then an MBA in Forest Management will be a match made in heaven.

Unlike MBA in Marketing, there is little competition in this domain, and finding employment is easier. The job profiles are exciting and your workspace will be more ecological than any other.

The best place to get an MBA in Forest Management is the Indian Institute of Forest Management in Bhopal. Admission at this institute is based on XAT scores and it’s easily one of the best in the country.


  1. MBA in HR

Specialization in HR is very similar to that of an MBA in Marketing, as it is also a core area in management education. The task of HR professionals is to help hire the best professionals within an effective CTC.

It is an important sector and achieving both short-term and long-term goals can be affected by decisions made here. HR professionals can switch jobs easily as hiring goes on throughout the year.

The top institutes for MBA in HR are Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management, SAGE University Indore, and Himgiri ZEE University in Dehradun. Undoubtedly, it is a highly lucrative choice for any MBA aspirant.