NetBase Quid the Best Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics are vital tools when it comes to business growth. They gather massive data and analyze it, then give out that data for marketing. Social media -analytics are vital tools in complementing social media tools. Some of these social media analytics include:


  • Google analytics
  • Talk walker
  • Audience
  • Cyfe
  • LikeAlyzer

These are among various social media -analytics. Let us discuss some of these social media analytics and see how they operate.


1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics analyzes social media traffic. It is a very important tool in managing traffic and social media in marketing. You can check how many visits you get from your audience on your site using this platform.

Some of the features Google Analytics has include

  • Finding social media platforms which people are using your content
  • Determining the conversations and transactions
  • It enables you to see how your audience is navigating your website.

Google Analytics analyzes the following social media platforms

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

2. Talk Walker

Talk walker lets you access unlimited keywords in all social media networks. It is an effective tool in evaluating data against competitors’ data.

Talk walker has the following fantastic features

  • It helps you to trace in actual time any information from customers about your products
  • It rates your mentions in the business world
  • Access information of your audience age, occupation, and gender


3. Cyfe

Cyfe platform helps you synchronize all the information about all social media platforms that you wish to manage. It gives you significant social media reports. In Facebook alone, the platform will enable you to have access to 50 widgets. Therefore, if you want to check for clicks, reaches, check-ins, this tool is the most appropriate.


Features in Cyfe Include

  • Email and message notifications to inform you of thresholds crossed
  • Monitoring brand mentions and tracking competitors by the use of Twitter.
  • Customer featured dashboard


4. Audience

The audience is one of the best tools used in analyzing Twitter profiles. You can access information, about those following you, such as their location. Information about your potential competitors is also accessible. The platform also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) on social data in helping you to be more aware of your audience.


5. LikeAlyzer

It does all the auditing involved on your Facebook page daily. It recommends how to improve your page’s performance.

Some of its amazing features include


  • Compare your page against million others in terms of performance
  • Get analyzed suggestions on how to improve your performance
  • Delivers your metrics into easily understood reports


These platforms are several social media- analytics that will help you brand your products and market them. Having discussed these platforms, let us look for the best social media analytics in the market.


NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid is among the best business analytics that helps you to brand your products. The platform has collaborated with world market-dominating companies. These are some of the services offered by NetBase Quid.

  • Campaign strategy
  • Product launch
  • Trend analytics
  • Technology scouting
  • Crisis management
  • Product launch


Benefits of the NetBase Quid Services

  • It helps understand your consumer’s perception of your brand.
  • It tracks your customers’ feedback about your products
  • It portrays your customers’ views about your products
  • It tracks your transactions to determine off peaks and peaks seasons


It is advisable to consider Proxy social media analytics that will help you improve your business performance. NetBase Quid can transform your business to the next level. Social media analytics play a major role in enabling companies to achieve their business goals.