How To Organize A Music Concert?

A list of tips with the keys to make it a success. We explain all the points from the organization, marketing, promotion or ticket sales. A guide with ideas and tips that you should not miss to make it a success.

We are not going to deceive you that when you start it is usually more complicated than when you already have a tour, but we also give you some ideas: Besides this if you need speakers for your concert then the concert speakers miami is the best place for you.

How to start organizing the concert?


We are going to put them first, since before starting, you should know that organizing a concert and depending on the format, it can cost money. Keep this in mind and if you need support, look for sponsors that you see who may be interested in collaborating. They will rarely provide financial resources, but they will be able to provide their own products. The typical case is the spirits companies, a trick to find them is to look for other concerts in which there are sponsors, see what they are and contact them.

What date to choose for the concert?

Be careful with the date that it does not coincide with football matches or other events or take into account the weather, since with rain the attendees tend to be reduced by 30%. Try to avoid the last week of each month since if your event is paid, it is usually a bad time economically, especially January, and in February for example it does not affect that much. But you will have to take into account factors such as months, seasons and hours of light.

The music group

If you already have a perfect music group, but maybe you lack a new artist or artists, as you know, you will have to rehearse before to be coordinated.

If, on the other hand, you have to hire artists or musicians, look for them to follow the same line, for example, do not mix very different styles, for example if you start with the first artists playing rock, then do not put gospel, jazz, soul etc.

Whatever the case, take care of them, that they have a resting place, that they have someone to contact in case they need something. Also take care of the type of music and that it is according to your audience.

Repertoire of music

Take care of it, there will be some here that tell you to start strong, then cut back and so on. In our opinion, it is best to move up the level of the groups or themes as the event unfolds. If you start strong and then cut back, you run the risk of being disappointed, while if you scale up the quality, they will be waiting to see how it ends.

How long should a music concert last?

If you pass the assistants they will get bored and will start to leave. In general, as with the capacity, we recommend staying short than passing us, as long as you advise the schedules in advance. That is to say, it is better that people stay wanting more, so that they repeat, that they are wanting to leave and do not return.