What is the name of the kingdom in tangled?

Suppose you haven’t watched tangled in the Covid era! It is the best choice to add to your must-watch list. This animated movie (Tangled) was released in 2010 and is based on the freedom of a young girl with long blonde hair. Tangled is a story of a lost princess imprisoned in a castle for 18 years of her life. She had magical hair who yearned her to leave the Scheduled palace and explore the beauty of the world outside. 

Mother Gothel imprisoned her; as mentioned earlier, her hair was magical and gave eternal spring to beauty and youthfulness. Evil Gothel somehow knew this, kidnapped Rapunzel, and used her magical hair to keep her young forever. She spent 18 years of her life in a cage, and then she started to be curious about the outside world. And fortune led a handsome prince to take refuge in her secluded tower. She wanted to escape d\from that prison and convinced him to help her escape. They both escaped from that castle, and rapunzel met her crowned head father. Like every fairytale, she had a happy ending to her story.

Voice of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, and  Donna Murphy is featured in Tangled movie. 

The relation of 11 years old animated movie and the current situation  

Pandemic took hold of the entire world and is getting deep with every passing day. With 355 million covid positive cases around the globe and almost 5.6 million deaths, life was ceased.  Governments put the lockdowns, and everyone was compelled to stay in homes and to take social distancing measures to stem the spread of Covid-19. People were staying home to help flatten the curve of virus spread, which was continuously increasing, and these conditions remind the similar situation of rapunzel in her tower. 

There was a song in Tangled movie named “ When will my life begin?” that song has an ironic resemblance with most people’s situation in the lockdown. The lyrics are:

“And so I’ll read a book

Or maybe two or three 

I’ll add a few new paintings to my gallery 

I’ll play guitar and knit 

And cook and basically 

Just wonder, when will my life begin!?”   

Doesn’t it seem like to be written about our lives during a pandemic when we were only waiting to stop that dance of corona, and our lives start again? 

What was the name of the kingdom in tangled?

This question is the most googled question in previous days. Rapunzel was imprisoned in a castle. That was isolated from the village, and there was no linkage between the town and her palace.  And the name of the Kingdom in tangled is Corona. 

Because of these coincidences, some conspiracy theorists declared that Disney predicted the future. 

Did Disney predict the future?

Disney isolated a princess in a castle far away from Corona (town): just like; we were quarantined in our homes to be protected from the corona. Similarities look somewhat unreal, and it doesn’t sound authentic to name all these similarities as coincidence

The question did Disney predict the future is still unanswered. But I am not ready to give all these similarities the name of coincidence.

What does Twitter say about the tangled kingdom? 

People were buzzing about the similarities that they saw in Tangled and the current situation of their lives. 

Someone tweeted, “ Rapunzel was actually locked in the tower for 18 years and the kingdom she’s been living__ I kid you not–Corona. Googled it, and boom.”

Some hustlers also tweeted,” let’s not forget that the rapunzel was quarantined and got her future husband, so let’s think positively here.”

Let’s all also hope for the best.