Mitch McConnell’s Midterms Warning Sparks Attack From Sean Hannity

According to the popular site FiveThirtyEight, whose goal is to predict presidential election results, the Senate is a tight race with Democrats barely favored to win. Mitch McConnell’s warning on the midterms is just one factor in the overall election outcome. Other factors that may have affected the outcome are Biden’s pivot away from a unified Republican party and Sen. McCarthy’s refusal to say whether he supports a censure resolution.

McDaniel’s Support for Mitch McConnell’s Midterms Resolution
McDaniel's Support for Mitch McConnell's Midterms Resolution
Rep. Kelly McDaniel is facing a new attack from Sean Hannity for her support of Mitch McConnell’s midterms resolution. Hannity says McDaniel got involved in editing the resolution after learning that her husband, Bossie, was submitting it. She reportedly supported the resolution in private but changed it publicly. Then she spoke favorably of the resolution in front of her party’s members.

Who is Behind the Latest Attack on McDaniel?

However, this latest attack is unnecessary because McDaniel has already said that he supports the resolution and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from his members. The resolution “strengthens her relationship with members of Congress.” In addition, she and the party have already outraised their Democratic counterparts. So, who is behind the latest attack on McDaniel?

Instrumental Delivering Critical

In the past year, the Republican senator has been instrumental in delivering critical votes for bipartisan priorities. These include a $US1 trillion infrastructure bill and a deal to avoid federal debt default. As a result, President Trump has publicly called for the Senate leader to be replaced. But the question is, how will the Senate Republicans handle it?

It’s possible that this resolution is a part of the larger political tug-of-war between the president and Republican senators. If Republicans don’t stand up to Donald Trump, they’ll never win the election. The resolution backed by both McDaniel and McConnell’s, has caused a political storm. However, Hannity is right to attack McDaniel for supporting the resolution and allowing the Republicans to have their say.


After announcing his 2020 presidential run, Joe Biden’s pivot from working with Republicans has been criticized by several Democrats. While his disapproval rating is at a five-year low, the vice president has still managed to sign three new laws into law. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is one of those laws. The president’s unpopularity rating is also up, with inflation at a 40-year high, the unemployment rate at a record high, and the job market red hot. The disapproval ratings of the former president are now at 54 percent, second only to Donald Trump.

Prevails Over State Laws

The argument that Biden is using a political tactic aimed at attacking the GOP is based on federal preemption, the idea that federal law always prevails over state laws. Biden could argue that the FDA approved mifepristone for all Americans and thereby trumped state laws. That could be argued, in part, because the drug is available through mail order and telehealth appointments.

The conservative media has been defending Trump and attacking Biden over the issue. The right wing media was particularly consistent in its attack on the Biden administration, claiming that the latter was using the Justice Department to pursue the president’s political foe. The conservative talk show host also claimed that Biden’s pivot away from working with Republicans was a strategic move that had been destined to fail.

Political Reality Shift

The media giant is a prime example of this political reality shift. Fox News, a slick network known for its conservative and news programs, must now contend with a political reality shift. They would give airtime to prospective Republican candidates, while hammering Democrats such as Rep. 

Two Prominent Trump Critics

A Republican senator is under fire for his refusal to say whether he supports the censure resolution against two prominent Trump critics. The GOP has been trying to portray itself as a moderate party as it heads into the midterm elections. However, McConnell’s refusal to commit to supporting the resolution has sparked an attack on his reputation on Hannity’s show. Adam Kinzinger (IL) and Liz Cheney (Wyo.), who are both on the House select committee investigating Trump’s administration. The resolution would not go into effect until Jan. 6, 2021.

While many Democrats support the resolution, there are also several Republicans who oppose it. Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s frantic behavior over the resolution sparked an angry response from Hannity and other conservatives. She had found evidence that McInerney had committed treason, but had not publicly stated it. And she was accompanied by Rep. John McInerney, who had just returned from the White House and had seen the laptop.

Republican Senator’s

The Republican senator’s refusal to commit to a censure resolution could have prompted a legal stalemate in the Senate, allowing Trump to stay in power. However, many Republicans believe that the failure of the resolution will result in a Democrat gaining control of the Senate. This strategy might be a good move, but it will not go over well with many Republicans.

The incident prompted the Secret Service to snatch the Vice President from the podium in the Senate. The Vice President was then hustled out of the Capitol by Capitol Police. Fortunately, the rioters were largely contained, with the assistance of the Capitol Police. Despite their aggressive actions, they were able to evade the confrontation by avoiding direct contact.

Trump Loyalists Ascendant

The Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s has been under fire on Fox News lately, after the Kentucky senator appeared to warn that the GOP could not win the Senate in the midterm elections. McConnell’s remarks were intended to temper expectations that the GOP would take back the chamber. He compared Lt. Gov. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania to independent Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. The comments caused a firestorm of criticism on the right, and the Republican Party is already facing a difficult road ahead.


The senator from Kentucky was upset with Trump’s comments. McConnell has endorsed several GOP Senate candidates, including those running in competitive races. However, he was critical of the president’s support for impeaching Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who recently lost his reelection bid. Hannity has also attacked the Senate Majority Leader, saying that he should be impeached.