Merlina: What is known about Season 2, and when will it premiere?

The second season of Jenna Ortega‘s “Merlina” (also known as “Wednesday”) has not yet been renew. However, all that stands in the way of the Netflix original series receiving the green light for a second season is time.

Merlin’s popularity on Netflix has broken numerous audience records. It is currently the second most-watched English-language television program, behind “Stranger Things.” It is encouraging for the platform as “Stranger Things” will end at some point in the next two years, while “Merlina” is a fresh new program that has captured the public’s attention since its November premiere.

According to Deadline, “Merlina’s” renewal seems imminent. The producers have already started looking for collaborators for season two and are researching potential locations.

The article also mentions the possibility of more seasons in the future and states that it is anticipate the discussions for the renewal will go without any issues. However, a formal announcement on the series’s second season won’t be made until after the New Year.

The first episode’s conclusion set up the case for a second season perfectly. ended with “Tyler” (Hunter Doohan) being arrested after it was revealed that he was “Hyde.” Despite being placed under police surveillance, he appeared to be attempting to flee.

The fate of “Marilyn Thornhill”/”Laurel Gates” (Christina Ricci) is also unknown, but she’s likely been detain as well. As “Merlina” leaves her first semester at Academia Nevermore, she receives an alarming text message from an unknown person and learns that she has met her first acosador. It appears that the true brain behind the conspiracy to destroy the school is still out there.

Additionally, Gwendoline Christie hinted at her return in the second season of “Merlina.” Christie gave one of the season’s standout performances as “Weems,” the director she portrayed. It appears that “Weems” dies at the end of the first season. However, the show might have some surprises hidden in the manga.

After all, in a program with vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures, death might not be final. Even worse, it’s possible that “Weems” will die, thus setting up the villain for the second season.

And as was to be expect, “Merlina” has been the talk on social media. Jenna Ortega has been propel to stardom due to the series’ influence on a popular dance trend that even Lady Gaga has joined.

The second season of “Merlina” will almost certainly be announce late or early, and now fans know when to expect a notification.