How to Design a Firefighter Patch

Your local fire department enjoys interacting with the community. Of course, your first focus is to save lives, but your involvement in community events is important.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have something visual to identify yourselves to the community?

Consider designing a firefighter patch. These small items are effective ways to tell the community who the firefighters are.

Read on to learn about how you can design a patch for your fire department.

Why Patches?

In an emergency, it’s obvious who the firefighters are. The tell-tale yellow and brown of your protective clothing identifies you as a first responder.

But what about when you aren’t responding to a fire? 

Whether you’re in your civilian clothing or wearing the department uniform, a fire department patch can identify you as a member of the team.

The patches can serve other purposes as well. You can sell or give away a patch during a fundraiser promotion. People love to get something in return when donating to a cause.

When you are doing education about fire prevention, a patch can serve as a reminder to stay safe. When children look at the patch, they’ll remember not to play with matches. It will serve as a great reminder to have an escape plan in case of a home fire.

How to Design a Firefighter Patch

Designing a fire department patch is easier than ever. You can design your own art and have a manufacturer produce it. If your department already has an existing logo, a manufacturer can incorporate it into a design.

You’ll want your patch to have art that is eye-catching and appealing. Even if someone on your staff is talented with art, it can take a lot of time and effort to design a patch.

You’ll have to translate the design into vector art so that embroidery software can read it. Some people find this process difficult.

Your manufacturer can take the headache out of designing. Many patch manufacturers have a team of in-house artists that can design your product for you.

Using the design services of your manufacturer can save you time. They specialize in creating the best patches, so you can be assured that you’re getting a quality product.

Once your patches are designed, the team will send you an artist proof. At this stage, you can request changes to the design. If you are happy with it, you’ll approve it for production.

When the manufacturer receives your approval, they’ll go ahead and start making your patches. Make sure you choose a manufacturer that does good quality control. This will save you the trouble of weeding out patches that you can’t use.

Patches4less is one manufacturer that inspects their work. They check each patch and stand by their guarantee. You can rest assured that you will receive high-quality patches.

Get Your Firefighter Patches Today

Patches can serve as a great way to raise awareness in the community. Use this guide to design a firefighter patch that will make you and your colleagues proud.

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