How to choose the right vacuum if you are an allergy sufferer?

Suffering from allergies isn’t fun, so how do you stop yourself from the problems associated with allergies, there are air purifiers, medication of course and then there are vacuum cleaners.

If you are an allergy sufferer and intend to get a new vacuum, there are various types and models of cleaning machine available in the market. So, what to look for in a vacuum cleaning system, including features and type of vacuums is something that you needs to know in order to choose the best vacuum for yourself.

But out of many features, one of the crucial factors that you need to take serious consideration is the vacuum filtration system.


True, Absolute or HEPA Type Filters

If you haven’t heard of H.E.P.A, here is the what it stands for, High Efficiency Particulate Arresting. HEPA filters are designed to remove 99.97% of all types of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria from your carpets freeing you from your allergies. HEPA filtration is essential if you want to rid your carpets of everything that I have described above.

When shopping for HEPA filtration systems you need to know the difference between a true HEPA filter, and absolute HEPA and a HEPA type filter. What are the differences?

True and absolute HEPA filters are the same thing. These kind of filtrations need to pass a specifications test in order to ensure or certify that they fulfills the HEPA filter requirements. True HEPA filters are assigned a serial number if they pass the test. What is the test you ask?

HEPA type filters have not been tested under the same specifications as true filters. Instead of capturing 99.7% of dust particles these filters clean 85 to 90 percent of particles, 5 -10 percent less.


Types of vacuum to choose from

There are all types of HEPA vacuums that you can use to vacuum your home, from canister vacuums, upright, stick, handheld and robotic vacuum cleaners. The following are the best usage of each type of vacuums.

  • Canister – more suitable for hardwood floors, stairs and above-floor cleaning
  • Upright – great for carpet cleaning and stairs
  • Robotic – good for hard floors with fully automation
  • Stick – lightweight, best for quick cleanup
  • Hand – small vac good for car interior but not for heavy-duty cleaning

Some Features to take note

  • Bag or bagless – Some prefer a bagless vacuum, who needs the hassle of changing vacuum bags if you don’t have to.
  • Attachments – onboard tools such as upholstery and crevice tools make your cleaning more efficient and easier on you physically.
  • Cord length – the longer the better, or you can always go with the cordless stick vacuum leaving you free of any cord.
  • Brand – look for more reputable brand in the market like Dyson, Kenmore, Miele but of course some other cheaper brands also offer reliable vacuum models.
  • Warranty period – certain vacuum model will offer longer warranty than others.


Where to check out?

There are a few places to find vacuum ratings and reviews. First since you are already on the internet I suggest that you visit the following sites:

  • com
  • com

You can find an online review on any type of vacuum cleaner that you can think of. Customers post their experiences and can rate the product. This kind of information is invaluable because it is unbiased so you know that you are receiving an unbiased vacuum cleaner rating.

Another place to find unbias vacuum reviews is through consumer report, These publications offer detailed information, from an unbiased third party. They run the vacuums through a series of tests, to find the strengths and weaknesses of each model. After the tests are completed they compile all the data and then listed the best rated vacuums.



For allergy sufferers, you should get a vacuum with good filtration system like HEPA filter as it can better keep the dust and pollens inside the vacuum while your air environment is freshen.

So, besides considering some of the crucial factors to get a new vacuum, these online sources are the best way to evaluate and do comparisons before you buy. They also offer a nice selection of vacuums from allergy sufferers worth checking out.