How to apply for a student visa in Australia

Australia is rated as one of the most famous destination where international students prefer to study in the world. And having some of the best student cities worldwide, this is no shock at all. Their universities also provide impressive facilities. 

Are you planning to study in Australia? If you do, the first thing you will need to acquire is an Australian student visa. To get a student visa, here are some of the requirements that you will need to prove to the Australian Department of Home affairs that you will meet.

• A written statement of the Genuine Temporary Entrant(GTE)

• Financial Capability

• A proof that an applicant is proficient in English

• Character and Health proof

Also, an applicant will have to fill an Australian Student Visa Application Form, pay a fee for a Visa application, and maybe attend an interview. Let’s look at everything you will need to be aware of in detail.

What is a GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant)?

The GTE requirement was introduced in 2011; it states that a person applying for a Student Visa must have the ability to genuinely demonstrate their intention of staying in Australia temporarily for learning purposes or accompanying the Visa applicant either as a guardian or dependent. The decision is then made at the Department of Home affairs considering the following factors:

• The value of the Course that the applicant has chosen to their future

• The applicant immigration history

• The potential circumstances for the applicant in Australia

• The Circumstances in the applicant home country

To determine if the applicant will meet the above requirement, they will be asked to interview at their nearest Australian embassy. Some student applicants will have to fill a Visa application form.


Filling and Completing a Student Visa application form.

The student Visa (Subclass 500) is the one that all international student applicants should apply for online. Before applying for the Visa, here are some other documents you will need first to obtain:

• (COE) Confirmation of Enrolment or an Offer Letter confirming your acceptance into a course that is registered under (CRICOS) Commonwealth Register of Institution Courses. The COE is normally in the form of a code that an applicant will have to fill into a given section on the Visa application form. Sometimes an applicant is needed to deposit some amount of the required tuition fee.

• You will also need to obtain a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) letter. This is for applicants who are under the age of 18

• They should prove that they have a student Health Cover.

• If you change courses later when studying in Australia either to a course of the same level or a higher level of study, you will have to apply for a brand new visa. This also applies to changing courses to one which is on the lower level on the AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) or even non-AQF Course. There is also an option of studying two or more courses using the same student Visa, but this will apply where the progression from one Course to the other is clear.

Requirements for an Australian Students Visa

When filling your student Visa application form online, you will have to provide evidence of fulfilling the following requirements:

• Financial requirements:

An applicant should prove that they have sufficient funds to pay for their tuition, living costs, and travel expenses. The amount that an applicant will need to prove that they have is AU$20 290(Us$13750); this amount is only meant to cover living costs. If you have dependents coming along, you will also need to provide evidence that you will be able to cover their living costs and their school fees. Alternatively, applicants can also prove that parents or spouse are willing and able to support them, and in a year, they can earn at least (US$40,660) or AU$60,000.

• English Proficiency Requirement:

If an applicant is not from a country that speaks English, they will have to prove that they can speak English to the required level. Eligible English tests can take TOEFL, IELTS, iBT, Cambridge Advanced English, and Pearson Test English Academic. An applicant’s score depends on whether they are studying, a foundation score, a full degree course, or enrolling on ELICOS (English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students).

• Heath requirements:

Some Applicants might also be required to take a medical or radiological test to prove that they are in perfect health. This mostly applies to applicants who intend to train as a dentist, nurse, or doctor. If required to do so, you will need to get an appointment with a doctor-approved by the Australian immigration department.

All international students must purchase an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) except those in Norway and Belgium. You can buy this cover directly or through the university; the approved organization that sells this cover includes BUPA Australia, Australian Health Management, Medibank Private, Australian Health Management, nib OSHC, and Allianz Global Assistance. The cost will differ depending on where you will buy the cover and your provider.

• Character Requirement

One of the Australian Student Visa requirements is that an applicant should be proven to be of good character to enter Australia. This should be proven by giving a copy of your criminal record, penal clearance certificate, or acquire a police statement.

Documents required for an Australian student Visa

On the Australian Home Affairs website, you will find a document that has a checklist like a feature to guide you on the list of specific documents that you will be required to provide; typically, applicants are required to submit:

• An Australian student visa application form (157A) that is completed

• Letter of Offer or Certificate of Enrolment

• Payment for Visa application AU$620 or US$420

• Provide a copy of the passport, specifically the biodata page. Some students are usually required to show their passport physically

• Proof of Sufficient Funds

• Proof of a health insurance cover

• Result of English proficiency test taken

• Results for a criminal record check

• Provide four recently taken passport-sized photos

When all these documents have been gathered and scanned, they are usually submitted using an ImmiAccount created online. Mostly, the Visa application will take approximately four weeks to process.


Using the Student Visa

After being awarded the student Visa, you can enter Australia 90 days before you start your Course. Within the first seven days of entry, you have to provide your educational provider with information about your residential address. If you change your address, you should also provide that information within seven days.

When using your student visa, you can work for a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight in a term time and during the holidays full-time. The Australian Student Visa issued automatically allows successful applicants to work, though they cannot start till their Course has begun. However, this doesn’t mean that they should rely on that job to support themselves and their family.

There are no works restrictions for those studying for a master’s or Ph.D. by research. Any work done as a course requirement is not included in the limit and voluntary work.

There are certain obligations that all students who are in possession of a student Visa must fulfill;

• All students must maintain their enrollment in a CRICOS course

• They must attend their classes regularly

• Their course progress should be Satisfactory

• They should maintain their OSHC health insurance

There are other visa conditions that a successful applicant and their dependents should adhere to while in Australia; any breach of this condition can lead to Automatic visa cancellation. So, if interested in applying for a Student Visa, read more on this migration agent website.

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