Botanical Environment: The Best Plants to Grow in a Garden

There are a lot of positive edges to having a botanical environment. It helps create a fresher air, elevates mood, and gardening activity is a good exercise and a hobby for those who want to find a new activity to do! The sight of various flowers blooming in your garden could also have the power to lessen the stress you’re experiencing.


Out of all the plants worldwide, it’s not hard to decide which plants are best to grow in your garden. There is a huge selection and various types of plants suitable for winter, summer, and even those that could survive in places with a tropical climate.


Not to mention, some plants are used for medicinal purposes, and some could give rise to allergic reactions when touched. It’s amazing how various plants have different features, colors, shapes, and sizes but still appear as beautiful as they could be. With this, read down below some of the best plants you might want to plant in your garden to achieve a better and brighter botanical environment.


This plant is often grown as an ornamental plant due to its beautifully colored petals that vary from tints of purple, pink, and white. The flowers of this plant are clustered of tubular-shaped blooms in colors lavender, purple, yellow, red, pink, and white.


Growing them would be best in areas where they can get full sun exposure or a partial shade if the summer heat is very high. The easiest way to remember is that the more shade the plant should have if it’s the hottest summers.


Additionally, another fascinating thing about this plant is that chemicals from it are used to make a digoxin prescription drug. Digoxin is only available per prescription. In this sense, it is used to control some heart problems like irregular heartbeats, heart failure, and some fluid build-up in a human’s body. Learn More about the wonders and how to grow Foxgloves by visiting the Gardener’s Path.


Queen Anne’s Lace

This sun-kissed yellow color plant is perfect to be grown in your garden if you wish to attract lots of butterflies and get a joyful sight of butterflies flying around! Not to mention, Queen Anne’s Lace is also known as a wild carrot since it is the ancestor of the garden carrot.


This plant’s flowers are white with a bit of purple in the middle. Usually, they bloom in the late spring until mid-fall and are very easy to grow! Also, it could grow thickly and bloom for 65 days from seed.


Additionally, contrary to what most people believed, this plant is not poisonous, and it’s edible. As stated above, it is an ancestor of a garden carrot, so once you see the flower of this plant, the carrot is ready to eat.


Aside from being hugely popular as a symbol of good fortune and having a happy marriage making them a good choice for wedding bouquets, they are also easy to grow and care for!


Peonies would love to have a full sun exposure since they bloom best at sunny locations. Preferably, they would need to have at least six to eight hours of sun exposure per day. Additionally, it would be better if you could provide shelter for them in case there are strong winds.


Another thing to take note of growing peonies is that it is not safe for pets. If you have cats or dogs living near your garden, make sure that they do not have contact with the plant or eat them. Although it is a beautiful plant that could fill a garden space with vibrant-looking colors, it’s best to keep your pets safe.


Coneflowers are a popular perennial flower for many reasons. First, they are known to be heat and drought-resistant, making them ideal for any climate, they are easy and fun to grow, and they can bloom for months. Additionally, they make great cut flowers; they can grow up to six feet tall and ultimately attract different birds and pollinators to your area.


Its color varies from yellow, white, purple, orange, pink, and more. So, if you want to have a colorful garden, you can never go wrong with having this kind of plant. For centuries, this flower has been used for herbal medicinal purposes, specifically in treating common colds, upper respiratory infections, inflammatory conditions, bronchitis, and the like.


Lilies are one of the most famous plants out there. They commonly grow in yellow, white, orange, pink, and red -each having a different meaning and symbol. For instance, pink lilies symbolize prosperity or abundance, white lilies symbolize purity, yellow lilies symbolize walking on air, and orange lilies symbolize hatred. Verily, lilies are a good representation of various emotions.


A thousand species of lilies are found and are present on this earth. They are easily recognizable with their tall stems, thin leaves, and their obvious showy flowers. Also, they have been used for both medicinal and ornamental purposes for a long time, already making them beneficial, especially in area beautification.