How to Analyze Instagram Stories: 5 Metrics to Track

No other platform can rival Instagram’s versatility when it comes to insightful and intriguing features. Whether it is posts, stories, IGTV, or reels, each is iconic in its style and contributes significantly to growing engagement and brand exposure.

Did you know that Instagram has over 500 million daily users, with 86.6 percent of them posting and watching stories?

From the above statistics, we can clearly deduce that to achieve a wider reach on Instagram, one must make full use of the stories feature.

It goes without saying that evaluating every story you post will help you optimize the content of your stories, but let’s be honest: most of us just know how to post creative stories, not how to analyze them.

So, if you’re looking for some pointers, here are the 5 essential Instagram story metrics that will help you gain popularity on Instagram.

Instagram story metrics everyone should know.

After you’ve uploaded your IG story, give it some time, preferably several hours, before clicking on it. After some time has passed, click on the viewer count in the lower-left corner. There will be a bar chart icon beside it in the views tab; click on it to see your story stats.

In the analytics tab, you will be able to analyze an overall assessment or statistics of your story content in terms of several categories. Here are some key metrics to help you interpret the data if you’re having difficulty grasping it:

Actions Taken

The interactions section of the analytics page is the first thing you’ll notice. It displays the series of actions performed by users who clicked and watched the story.

What acts are counted in this case?

If you are uploading a story, you will probably want the viewer to perform some action like clicking your profile or replying to it. That’s exactly what actions count.

The overall count of users who have

  • Shares – Shared the Story
  • Replies – Replied to your stories 
  • Profile Visits – Visited your profile through your story 
  • Website Clicks – Clicked the given link 

Profile owners will be able to monitor the activities performed by users while watching their stories through the actions taken panel.

Sticker Clicks

Would you prefer your stories to be monotonous with only an image or link, or would you prefer it to be alluring with stickers and relevant links included in a catchy style when posting it?

Obviously, you want your story to be aesthetically attractive. Dull content never attracts eyes, and that’s why stickers are used.

Locations, URLs, and mentions are posted to Instagram using unique stickers, and they are also useful for tracking the performance of your content. The more sticker taps, the closer you are to gain popularity on Instagram


The discovery section displays how many people have seen your story. This section often fluctuates, so revisit the view count from time to time to see how many accounts have viewed your content.


If discovery is the overall count of how many users have viewed your story, impressions are the same but a more upgraded count.

If your story content is engaging, some viewers may watch it more than once, and that is what Impressions show us.

Through the impressions metric, story creators will be able to know how good their story is. 


The navigation section keeps track of how users interacted with and saw your content.For instance, if you are uploading a series of stories at the same time, you will probably want the viewers to view all of them. How will you know that your audience has viewed every story you’ve posted?

Of course, through the following metrics,

  • Back – indicates how many many went back to your story.
  • Forwards – shows how many people ‘clicked’ to go to the next story. Only the clicks are counted in the forward’s count, not the automated moving of the stories.
  • Next story – displays the number of viewers that skipped over your entire story and went on to watch another. A high number here is quite the bad news.
  • Exited – this indicates how many people have stopped watching stories in general. This does not imply that your content is poor; thus, you should disregard this metric.

With the assistance of navigation, you’ll be able to figure out how your content is perceived, enhance the quality, and get a wider reach by purchasing Instagram followers from


Analytics may not be everyone’s cup of tea but believe it. To understand how your content is seen, get wider reach on Instagram, and make changes, you will need the wonderful assistance that analytics data provides. 

Since Instagram metrics are pretty easy to understand, anyone can easily understand how it works. I wish you good luck in your quest to gain popularity on Instagram.