8 Real & Effective Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Instagram has been around for more than a decade now and it only keeps getting bigger. It is not limited to just having a lot of users. Instagram has also grown and evolved as a whole in its impact and application in the modern world. In fact, it is actually one of the most preferred social media platforms to use when it comes to building your brand identity. 

Gone are the days when getting some likes on your selfies was all Instagram could do. Instagram offers great engagement rates by default that can get you a lot of traction. But with some extra steps, you can maximize what Instagram offers.

  1. Follow the trends

To get results on Instagram, you have to be consistent with your content. Having to keep up with regular content creation can be tricky. Keeping an eye on the trending topics can help you not only get ideas but also better results. 

A lot of people visit Instagram only for the trends and a trending topic or meme is bound to get more traction. 

  1. Captions and Hashtags

Using bold and captivating captions is the key to catching the attention of a regular Instagram user scrolling through their feed. The effort that goes into writing a proper caption turns out to be worth it in the end.

Hashtags are a great way to increase the visibility of your Instagram posts. When you use a hashtag, anyone who searches for that topic or clicks on the tag will be able to discover all the posts tagged with it. There are multiple free tools online that people can use to find keywords relevant to their content.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one marketing technique that is not only proven but keeps getting more influential every passing moment. It is especially true when it comes to Instagram as a good portion of Instagram shoppers relies on influencers’ opinions. 

Brands and businesses partner with influencers regularly and the posts that feature them always bring the best engagement. The reason is that said influencer’s own followers bringing extra engagement. 

  1. Buy real Instagram followers

Buying Instagram followers is slowly becoming a popular engagement strategy but there are some conditions to it. To get engagement benefits, you need to make sure to only get real and active Instagram followers instead of fake accounts or bots. 

A lot of websites sell fake followers for cheap but they do not add to activity or engagement in any way and end up disappearing completely. Buying real followers boosts activity and promotes organic growth by increasing an account’s engagement and reach. 

  1. Boost your posts

Instagram’s advertising service is now run under Facebook and has been a proven method of boosting engagement on Instagram. While ads can help your entire outlook, the boost option is the best if you want results for a specific post. 

  1. Make Videos and Reels

Videos are the most engagement-friendly content on Instagram. Posting more videos should be on your list if you want to grind out better results. The only thing better than videos on Instagram is reels. Reels aren’t limited to just your followers which guarantees extra engagement. 

Reels can help you get more followers which will help engagement in the long run. 

For when you have to upload photos, using carousels has been shown to be improving engagement rates. 

  1. Use Instagram Insights

One of the most effective ways to get more engagement out of your posts on Instagram is to post at a time when your followers are online and active. There are plenty of tools out there that allow you to analyze it but Instagram lets you do it for free with their Insights. 

Insights can help you with even more. There is a dedicated tab related to content that tells you exactly what content your followers like and engage more with. Continuing to post that content more is guaranteed to get you a better engagement rate through buying IG Followers.

  1. Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the most popular tools available on the platform. Your story updates show up on the top of the feed of every follower before they can scroll down to your posts. 

It is possible some of your followers might end up completely missing your post while scrolling. On the other hand, a story upload is very easy to notice and stays on the top till the end. 


Instagram is an incredibly powerful social media platform that has incredible potential. To make it big on Instagram, you need followers and engagement is the foundation of your following. 

The more likes and comments you get, the more attention you get and subsequently more followers. The tips mentioned here will bring the best out of all your posts without making you break a sweat.