How Jem Bourouh Built An 8-Figure Business By Age 24

Did you know that the number of new businesses rose by 75 percent after the state of the pandemic? The stats speak for themselves: people are fed up with working to support the dreams of others. The global market has changed, perhaps for good. It has some plus sides. Like making the market more inclusive, but those who are in the mix find themselves besieged by competitors at every side. The fact of the matter is that you have to do more now than simply provide a basic service or product.

We live in an age where creativity and thinking outside the box is paramount to being successful. This is why a number of post-Covid businesses have turned to client-centric and innovative business strategies, such as those produced by eCommerce expert Jem Bourouh and his company Acdubator. 

Jem Bourouh dedicates his life to investing in fledgling D2C companies and helping entrepreneurs everywhere scale their brands to success. He also operates an eCommerce education company called eCom Incubator.

Jem is a 24-year-old serial capitalist out of Bremen, Germany who was pumping out 8-figures by age 22. Today, he and his team of skilled professionals manage more than $218M in ad spend annually. So how did he do it? How does someone go from marketing a small Shopify store in 2017 to being the new face of post-Covid venture capitalism?

Shortly after founding his first online store. Bourouh realized he was onto something big, deciding instead to make entrepreneurship and eCommerce itself his business. In 2018 he launched his marketing agency Acdubator and set off to make a living bringing life to the online marketplace. Then the events of 2020 hit. Giving Bourouh an epiphany about just how important his job was. When people were forced to stay inside and companies were forced to close down or operate online. D2C brands became the lifeblood of society. People around the globe took this as an opportunity to self-promote and financially mobilize themselves.

Now, D2C brands represent the future of the capital marketplace, and Bourouh has made it his life’s mission to fuel this online revolution. In 2021, he and his business partner Brandon Nguyen founded an eCommerce educational company called eCom Incubator. It was designed for the sheer purpose of enhancing entrepreneurship in the online market. Creating programs and informational content to empower fresh-faced CEOs and provide them with the tools they need to attain success in eCommerce.  

Between his vision for eCommerce and his passion for educating people and helping them to realize their dreams. Bourouh has produced results that speak volumes about his ability. He and his team have scaled a number of brands from zero to 7 digits in only 30 days. Aside from catapulting new brands to stardom on the daily. Jem has also been investing and acquiring other marketing agencies in the hopes of helping along the transformation of D2C companies in the online marketplace. Thus far he has worked with Accelerated Agency, and Maison Commerce.