How A Commercial Electrician Can Help Move An Office?

You have looked through Utility Bidder to find the best electricity rates for your new office. Now all that’s left is to move the office to the new location. You must simultaneously complete many tasks such as moving the furniture, equipment and WiFi. Choosing the right commercial electrician is an important point to include on your moving checklist.


Conduct An Office Electrical Safety Inspection

A qualified commercial electrician should conduct a thorough electrical safety inspection of the new premises before you begin to move in. The electrical safety inspection will help eliminate potential safety concerns before they can become a problem for your office. The commercial electrician will check for damaged sockets, switches, wiring, electrical cords, trip hazards and other electrical threats within the new office. Your office’s occupational health & safety officer will thank you for moving a step in the right direction.


The commercial electrician will begin by making sure all of the power sockets are safe to use. This will be done by making sure that none of the electrical sockets presents a risk of sparking, improper grounding, overheating or loose connections. The commercial electrician will also make sure that all of the smoke detectors and fire alarms are in working order in the new premises. The commercial electrician will check for intermittent red lights which should be visible on all of the devices.


Installing Energy Efficient Appliances & Fixtures

Installing energy-efficient appliances can help you save money in the long term. When electrical appliances are working certifiably efficiently for a longer time you can rest assured that you will have lowered electricity bills and require less maintenance in the long run. The commercial electrician can advise you on the best energy-efficient lighting solution, energy-efficient HVAC systems and energy-efficient appliances for the entire office. All of the updated appliances will perform better than their older counterparts at a lower cost to the organization.


The energy-efficient lighting solution will provide a better level of luminescence at a lower cost. The energy-efficient HVAC system will help effectively maintain the temperature in the office with lowered running expenses. The overall effect on the new office of applying these updates will help the office function smoothly while incurring less costs periodically.


Testing Emergency Lights

Installing emergency lights is a mandatory requirement for most offices. This is because the office needs to be a safe place for employees in the event of a blackout. A blackout can occur if there is an electrical failure or due to regular maintenance but the office needs to be prepared in that event. The commercial electrician will make sure that the proper emergency lights are installed based on the requirements of the office.


The commercial electrician will install emergency lights that illuminate the path to the nearest exits, emergency lights on the exits and emergency lights required in the other places within the office such as the bathrooms and kitchen. The commercial electrician can advise you on the best emergency lighting solutions based on your company’s budget. The most important thing is that the commercial electrician will physically test the emergency lights after they have been installed to make sure they perform as intended in case of an emergency.