Half Moon Bay: Another mass shooting in California has resulted in the arrest of a suspect

The US state of California is reeling from its second abundance shooting days after a man shot seven deadly former co-workers south of San Francisco.

The attacks occurred in the coastal town of Half Moon Bay. All of the victims were Chinese-American farm labourers.

Suspect Zhao Chunli, 67, was capture after driving to a police station.

It comes as the state mourns the deaths of 11 people during Lunar New Year celebrations in Monterey Park, about six hours south of Half Moon Bay.

California Governor Gavin Newsom state that he was at a hospital meeting with victims of the prior mass shooting when he was dragged away to be briefed about the second attack, describing it as “tragedy upon tragedy”.


The most recent bloodshed in the state occurred on two farms in Half Moon Bay.

Four gunshot victims were located in a mushroom field, while the other three were later discover at a nearby trucking company. An eighth person is in critical condition and treated in a hospital.

According to San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus, the incident was witnessed by several children who had lately been released from school and resided on the remote farm.

“This type of shooting is heinous. It’s a tragedy we hear about all too frequently, but it touch close to home today in San Mateo County, “According to the office.

“For children to witness this is indescribable.”

Following the killings, the suspect drove to a nearby police station, where his arrest was capture on video.

Zhao Chunli was pin to the ground and apprehend by police, according to US news outlets.

The attacks were carry out by a “disgruntled employee,” according to San Mateo County Board of Supervisors President Dave Pine.

“We are sicken by today’s tragedy at Half Moon Bay,” Mr Pine added. “This country has far too many guns, and something must be done.”

According to the US non-profit Gun Violence Archive, the invasion at Half Moon Bay is the 37th mass shooting in just 24 days.

They define a mass shooting as four or more people wounded or killed.

Even as information about the terrible attack in Half Moon Bay became available. Authorities in the state’s south were still looking for a motive for the killings in Monterey Park.

In a suburban dance club, an elderly Asian immigrant slaughtered 11 people before shooting himself as police closed in.