Guide on choosing the best pet exporter in Singapore

Moving your pet from Singapore to a new location can be chaotic. This not only puts you under stress but has a long-ranging impact on your pet’s mental wellbeing. One must be prepared with a laundry list of documents that are a must when planning to move out. Often this process is time-consuming, so be well prepared in advance. This is why you should choose the best pet exporter in the country.


How to know the right pet relocation company?

The entire process is time-consuming, and with the number of documents required, it becomes really easy to miss out on one. Thus, to overcome this hurdle, our piece of advice would be to choose one right professional exporter company. One on which you and your family could bank upon. Below are some points which you must look at in your pet export company. These will help you get the best pet exporter in Singapore and make the process smooth for you.


  • They must know about the export and import requirements

Every country has its own set of requirements that are expected to be taken care of by the pet owner. Usually, the countries try to minimize any kind of bio-safety risks associated with pets. The documents required are mostly health certificates issued by the chief vet officer, laboratory test results, and vaccination charts. Your pet exporter must know these requirements before you carry on with the export.


  • They should help you get an import license

A pet exporter must help you apply for an import license as these processes are time-consuming and quite hectic. Thirty days before leaving Singapore, an owner is required to apply for an export license from the Singapore authority, which could be made via visiting GoBusiness Licensing Portal and paying the fees. The fees range from anywhere $50 to $100. Your pet exporter must help you with this.


  • Affordable on your pocket

Overall administrative costs should range somewhere above $1,000. This is nowhere close to the overall factoring cost as it gets really expensive at later stages. We recommend being prepared for anything close to $5,000 to lawfully relocate your pet from Singapore. So, assigning a company to help you with this process will cost you over this budget. Therefore, getting a company that is providing all the services at a proportional cost is suggested.


  • Crosscheck with the range of services delivered by the company

No one wants to get burdened at the last moment. To ensure nothing like this ever happens to you, make sure to read all the terms and conditions, liabilities, and what comes as fringe benefits. You must check all the services provided by the company to ensure that they are the best fit for you.


By the end, one must have a clear shot in mind it’s far easier to travel across the globe rather than travel with your pet. To export pets from Singapore, you must be prepared to keep all the documents intact as well as could also use little help from exporting companies to ease your overall journey experience.