Does CVS Have a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk?

According to a recent survey, the average American has almost $170 worth of unused gift cards lying around in their houses. These gift cards are costing Americans as a whole more than $20 billion.

If you have gift cards that you know you’re not ever going to use, you should try to get rid of them ASAP. You might actually be able to convert them into CVS gift cards that you will use in the near future. You might also have the chance to exchange gift cards for cash if you would prefer to go in that direction.

Would you like to unload a bunch of gift cards that are worthless to you at the present moment and put some money into your pocket? We’re going to walk you through the steps you’ll need to take to do it today.

Learn all about trading gift cards at CVS below.

Start by Rounding Up All the Gift Cards You Don’t Want Anymore

If you’re considering trying to trade gift cards for cash or other gift cards, you should begin by rounding up all your unused gift cards. You probably have your fair share of gift cards that you don’t want anymore.

Gift cards have turned into one of the most popular gifts in recent years. It’s why so many companies have started to supply people with gift cards that people can give out on birthdays, holidays, etc.

You likely have at least a few gift cards that you will put to good use one day. But most people have a handful of gifts cards that they aren’t ever going to spend. Those will be the gift cards that you’ll want to focus on when trading gift cards at CVS.

Work to Convert Your Existing Gift Cards Into CVS Gift Cards

Once you have a stack of gift cards that you’re prepared to part ways with, the next order of business will be deciding what to do with them. One of your best options will be taking advantage of the CVS gift card exchange.

Rather than having to bring your gift cards into a CVS store, CVS has made it very easy for people to go through the process of trading gift cards at CVS right online.

Here is what the process will look like when you utilize the CVS gift card exchange:

  • You let CVS know which merchant a gift card is for (they currently accept gift cards from more than 200 merchants!)
  • You tell CVS what the balance on a gift card is (you can usually find out by contacting a merchant if you aren’t sure how much money is left on it)
  • You receive an offer from CVS within just seconds that will allow you to convert the balance on a merchant’s gift card to a CVS gift card

You’re more than welcome to go through this process as many times as you would like. It could potentially leave you with a pile of CVS gift cards that you’ll be able to use in place of your original gift cards.

Learn About Some of the Other Companies That Can Convert Gift Cards for You

CVS is able to offer CVS gift cards in exchange for other gift cards as a result of a partnership that they have with a company called Card Cash. They agreed to this partnership a few years ago after realizing that it might be something their customers would be interested in.

It’s worth noting that CVS is not the only company to set up a partnership with Card Cash. Several other companies have also made the decision to do it, including Dell,, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more.

The good thing about trading gift cards at CVS, though, is that you know you’ll be able to use CVS gift cards at some point. There are almost 10,000 CVS stores scattered throughout the country right now, and that number is growing every year. It’ll give you so many opportunities to use CVS gift cards once you get your hands on them.

Consider Turning Your Gift Cards Into Cryptocurrency

If you don’t think you’ll use CVS gift cards after obtaining them by trading in other gift cards, you might want to consider trading them in to another company. Or you might want to kick around the idea of trading gift cards that you don’t want in for something else entirely.

Trading gift cards for cash is always nice. But how about trading gift cards for cryptocurrency instead? It could provide you with a chance to either add to the cryptocurrency that you already have or to get your start in the world of cryptocurrency.

To do it, you should visit bytefederal to find out how easy it is to turn unused gift cards into Bitcoin. You can bring your gift cards right to a gift card exchange kiosk and transform them into Bitcoin in the digital arena.

This is a very exciting option that people wouldn’t have had as recently as just a year or two ago. It’s something that you should think about going with if you have even the slightest interest in cryptocurrency.

Stop Letting Your Unused Gift Cards Take Up Valuable Space

A lot of people keep unused gift cards around because they think they’ll get around to them eventually. They also keep them around because they feel bad for cashing in or trading in a gift that someone gave to them.

You shouldn’t hold onto gift cards for either of these reasons. They’re just going to continue to take up valuable space and prevent you from getting your hands on something that you’ll actually use.

You should think long and hard about either turning your unused gift cards into CVS gift cards or doing something else with them. You’ll be so glad that you did once you get rid of these gift cards once and for all.

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