Different PVC panels designs

PVC(polyvinyl chloride) is a lightweight plastic material that is available in different categories. These are very beneficial if we use them as a ceiling. These PVC wall panels can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, and all over the home. Some characteristics of PVC panels are as follows.

  • Deeply durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install

Deeply durable

PVC panels are very durable. After installing PVC panels you will be relaxed for years without any tension of their bending or warping. They can not get damaged easily.


The most prominent thing about PVC panels that play an important role in the popularity of PVC panels is that they are very affordable. You don’t think about your budget while you are installing them. They are more affordable and reliable. If anyone is getting a good thing that is also affordable and what other things one wants.

Easy to install

The worth of the above-mentioned positive points about the PVC panels becomes zero if they are difficult to install. So at the top of the other key features of PVC panels is that it is easy to install. So this point is also a positive impact on users.

PVC panel designs

The designs of PVC panels design are different for bedrooms, bathrooms, and whole walls of the homes. Same designs are also available in different colours. The price of different brands that provide the services in this regard is also different. But I like the design and colour, which is like wood. That design will look classy and more beautiful.

Now move to the different categories of PVC panels as follows.

Different categories of PVC panels are as follows.

  • PVC Ceiling Panel
  • PVC Wall Panel
  • Plastic Panel

PVC ceiling panel

The most common question about PVC ceiling panels is that, is PVC good for the ceiling or not? Everyone wants to buy good things and services so if one can install PVC and he has this question in his mind then the answer to this question is that they will stay for a long time you don’t need to worry about any kind of damage it may get. But the joints of this ceiling are visible sometimes. But the positive thing about this is they don’t develop a dusty environment during installation. PVC ceilings are water-proof and termite-proof. But after some time of installing it, they release a gas which will be very harmful when it is burned.

PVC Wall Panel

If we compare PVC panels to other wall materials then they are weaker than brick and stone. But if we do not compare this with other wall materials then it is stronger, more reliable, and durable. And the most important thing is that these are affordable. It is much safer if you want to go to PVC wall panel than without any fear of installing them. If you are thinking about their prices then you will get a minimum of 19 rupees per feet and a maximum of 160 rupees per feet. But if you want to get a piece then you will pay a minimum of 180 for a piece and a maximum of 1500 for a piece. But for square feet, the minimum price is 40 and the maximum is 100.

Plastic panel

Plastic panels are more affordable than other panels. They are also beneficial if they are used. A huge variety of designs are available. You can choose any colour, any design that you want. It is easy to install and also easy to tear. They are also waterproof. During high rain, they also don’t get damaged easily. A key benefit of plastic panels is that they can clean very easily. You don’t need to put a lot of effort to clean them.


According to my personal experience and research, PVC panels are very good to use. Because they provide a lot of benefits like they are affordable, durable, easy to clean and install. So I recommend this to you. You should go to PVC panels.