Digital Marketing Lessons Learned During Pandemic – By Prakash Mishra

March 2020 marked the month in history when the pandemic struck India. None of us had imagined that life would drastically change like this. Lockdown orders were issued, social distancing and work from home became the “new normal” and everyone was shaken to the core on every front. The economic situation of the market went haywire, emotionally people were distressed and mostly, personal and business life went upside down.


Just as we were getting used to coming back to the track, the second wave hit again and all the strength built vanished and we were back to zero. All of this had a major retailoring of how we think, work and live. And obviously, digital marketing was not left unperturbed. Since confinement to homes became the new trend, consumer behaviour also changed. And when the consumer changes, the businesses have to rethink their strategies and be where their customers are. 

Digital Marketing Lessons Learned During Pandemic - By Prakash Mishra

Founder and CEO of Drive Digital and DigiHunts Academy shares some of the digital marketing lessons learned during the pandemic. 


Digital marketing, which was once regarded as a supplementary marketing strategy, suddenly became the whole and soul of the marketing base. Your online presence is the only way to prove your survival and your social media and website pages is what represents you in the online world. 

  • Stay Up To Date With The Data:

Talking about the first lesson, Prakash Mishra says that the first thing learned during the pandemic is to stay updated with the latest data, marketing trends and consumer behaviour. When the first wave hit, the businesses were not prepared to face the consequences, however, if you did not have an SOS strategy for the second wave as well, only you are to be blamed for this. 


During the shutdown, almost every business saw changes they couldn’t explain in terms of size, habits and audience behaviour. The same social media post released a month apart could work drastically differently, with no consistency in impressions, engagement, and leads. It soon became clear that keeping an eye on the data is important. The pandemic taught us to stay informed about our customers, how they shop, browse, interact, etc so that you know exactly where to use your resources. 

  • Restructuring Your Approach:

Only collecting the data and staying informed about the trends and consumer behaviour is not enough. You need to restructure your strategies and approaches to reach your audience. The existing strategies may have worked wonders a few months back, but you need to understand that you need to act according to the current situations. 


Plans that worked during the first wave of the pandemic might not give the same results during the second wave and most probably the speculated third wave. The second digital marketing lesson learned during the pandemic is to observe your user behaviour and adapt your marketing model to meet the new routines, issues and goals of a local audience.

  • Change Is Constant:

If not anything else, at least, all of us have learned that nothing goes on the same way forever. No situation, good or bad, continues forever, change is constant and if you want to survive in the online world, you need to adapt to this rule as soon as possible. It’s always a good idea to try innovative digital marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve and, more importantly, ahead of the competition. The idea is to be flexible and welcoming, in terms of new ideas and trends the risk is always there, but if you have implemented a careful strategy with your market research, if done correctly the results can be wonderful.


Concluding his thoughts, Prakash Mishra says, “In tough times like this, when everything is just unpredictable, brands, businesses and organizations must embrace digital marketing not just as a way to win the war against the pandemic. Instead, it should be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy. To stay connected with the latest digital and social trends visit:


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