Create fresh memories with Diwali chocolate hampers!

Diwali is the biggest festival in India and an opportunity to splurge and indulge in shopping. No one constricts Diwali to India anymore people from all over the world are now engaging in traditions of this age-old festival. Gift-giving is an significant ritual in India and not a new one. Everyone, young or old, keep waiting for Diwali and the chance to sink themselves in giving and receiving wonderful gifts. Diwali gifts are a way to express the love and respect for each other, so a lot of thought and planning goes into buying these gifts. Even the corporate sectors have started the distribution of Diwali gifts to their employees to promote harmony in the workplace. 

Coming to popular gifts that everyone loves, chocolates are still number one on the list. Few people can deny the love for these cocoa treats, and Diwali chocolate hampers are a perfect way to spread joy and happiness. Diwali is almost around the corner, and the gifting spree might start soon. So, it is a great idea to plan additional items along with Diwali chocolate hampers!

Where to buy Diwali chocolate hampers?

Online shopping stores have become an obvious choice when it comes to shopping for gifts. Not only do they save the customers the hassle of going out and looking for perfect gifts, but they also provide much more variety to the shoppers than they would get otherwise. Besides, the manufacturers and shops have a lot of sales during this period of festivities, so online stores offer a lot of discounts and coupons. One of the best online gift portals, Oyegifts, separate their gifts according to occasion and recipient, so shopping becomes much easier than before.

What to gift with Diwali chocolate hampers?

Chocolates are a great gift in and of itself, but if you want to add a little something to your Diwali gift, then you can choose an attractive combo of items. Here is a list to help you out-

Diwali chocolate hamper with a wristwatch.

You need to hunt a lot for a good wristwatch, and if you can find the perfect one, gift it to your dear ones this Diwali. There is a dazzling collection of all kinds of wristwatches available online, and combine that with a chocolate bouquet, and you are all set! However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind while shopping for a good wristwatch. Decide on the display, the watch movement, and the design. Comfort is another major factor, as they will wear it throughout the day.

Diwali chocolate hamper with a cosmetics set.

Your sister or your friend would no doubt appreciate new cosmetics or a make-up set. Luckily there are many products from reliable brands that are available online. But there are so many available, that you might get a bit confused about what really should go in a cosmetics kit. Everyone has different skin types, so the first thing to do is know the skin type of the gift recipient. There are curated products for each skin type, but in general, a make-up kit includes a few common items. It usually has moisturizers, face mists, foundations, concealers, and blush.

Diwali chocolate hampers with fresh bouquets

There may be a lot of expensive gifts out there, but nothing beats the joy of seeing fresh flowers at your doorstep. This Diwali, you can go for the simple gift of your friend or family’s favourite bouquet. Online gift stores can get you many different flower arrangements. There are different hues of roses, lilies, peonies, orchids and gerberas to choose from. Each flower has a unique message, and early Victorians used flowers to convey their feeling to each other. This Diwali; convey all love and affection through fresh blooms.

Diwali chocolate hampers with dry fruits

Diwali Dry fruits are no doubt the healthiest snack choice for this festival. Better than oily foods, dry fruits are a splendid choice for your health. Many customers are choosing to consume and gift dry fruit hampers to their friends. A standard dry fruit hamper will include pistachios, raisins, almonds, dates and walnuts. These have all the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals to keep you in shape. Dry fruits are even useful for maintaining the proper functions of the vital organs of the body.

Diwali chocolate hamper with sweets

Diwali is never complete without some mithais. Traditional Indian sweets or mithai have always had a special place in Diwali celebrations, and many would love to receive an assortment of these delicacies. Indian sweets have no lack in variety, you can choose from gulab jamuns, rasgullas, Kaju katlis, laddoos and soan papdis. Diwali mithais come in super attractive packaging, and some even include decorate diyas.