Bude receives a £2 million lottery grant because of climate change

To assist it in preparing for climate change, a coastal town in Cornwall has received over £2 million.

The National lottery grant’s climate action fund awarded the funding to Bude and ten neighboring parishes.

According to Cornwall Council, the county will undoubtedly see some of the UK’s biggest projected sea level rises.

The money intends to make Bude a “sustainable tourist destination” and to increase resilience against climate change, notably in the tourism industry.

‘UK’s Maldives’

The financing will aid the community in creating a strategy to address the issue of sea level rises, according to the Bude Climate Partnership, a group of environmental organizations, the local council, and the tourism board.

Program director Robert Uhlig remarked, “In effect, we’re the UK’s Maldives: bucolic and lovely but facing an existential and immediate threat to our way of life owing to sea-level rise.”

“We’ve already seen the effects of climate change in Bude’s record-breaking temperatures for the South West last summer  & n Storm Eunice’s uprooting of the iconic tree in the middle of our town, which was broadcast on national and international TV news bulletins last winter,” says the author.

The shoreline and fauna of Bude, according to Mr. Uhlig, are essential to the town’s economy.

“We must work together to ensure the sustainability of a sector that employs 40% of our people and defines our way of life,” he added, noting that 70% of local businesses depend on tourism.

Another project will pay for an energy consultant to give locals free guidance on making their homes more energy-efficient.

“Communities have a huge role to play in fighting climate change locally and ultimately helping to take the UK towards net zero,” said Nick Gardner, head of the climate action at the National Lottery’s community fund.