Boost Employee Motivation with These Tips

In this day and age when inflation is going up and wages are rarely keeping up, employees are at their lowest. There is very little motivation to come into the office. We’ve survived a pandemic, we’re going through an energy crisis, and everyone just needs a break.

But a break isn’t realistic, anymore than a vacation anyway, so you, as an employer, might want to look into ways you can boost the motivation of your team. Some employees try it with aerodynamic chairs, some try it with morning donuts, but the best methods are the ones that have a lasting effect on your team. And there are a lot of ways you can go about it. Take a look at our picks to help you motivate your employees and you could end up with a much more productive team.


Benefits are great for employees because they can often take a financial weight off the shoulders of the employee, and in fact they might even be seen as a necessity, like a company car or health insurance. Due to this, they evoke a lot of company loyalty on top of the benefit of simply having the items.

Your team will feel a renewed sense of motivation every day, when they remember what they’re working for beyond just a salary. You could argue that a salary should be enough, but every job offers a salary. If you want to keep your best employees and keep them wanting to come back to your job, you will have to do better than the competition.

A competitive salary

While we’re on the topic, a salary that doesn’t match what the employee needs or thinks they are worth can also be a big demotivator. It’s a particularly sore subject right now, considering the rate of inflation is going through the roof. Mentions of the situation on the news are usually followed by “but wages are staying the same”. Now, that isn’t true across the board, but if you are looking to keep your employees motivated, it’s important that the salary you offer your employees is enough to cover the cost of living, or they’ll at the very least lose motivation and might even look elsewhere.

Team days out

As mentioned, sometimes your team needs a break. If you notice some aren’t getting on as you’d like or they’re looking a little burned out, you might want to consider a team day out to get everyone to relax. Or at least not worry about work for a little bit.

Team days can come in many forms after all. Some of them are chill, like a music festival or a quiz, but some of them take action like team treasure hunts or an obstacle course. Something active or creative? Something brainy or tasty? You can get creative with ideas or run a few past the team to see what they’d prefer.


Bonuses are helpful in the same way benefits are in that they are an ongoing motivational tactic, but they don’t require as much money as you would spend on benefits. You are giving out a few, sometimes only one, lump sum whenever a project is completed. Sometimes that’s monthly, sure, so it can vary which one is cheaper on you.

What’s important is the fact that this can be very helpful to the receiver of the bonus, which means their motivation is prompted. Not only will they be grateful to get the bonus, but they and the rest of their team will be pushed to do better work next tim