Best Appetizers To Make Your Day Eve Dinner Special

At the starting of this blog, I want to say sorry. I know, you guys get confused why I said sorry in the beginning. This sorry is for those people who say only love is important, and their stomachs can be filled by only love. So dear guys and girls, sorry to say this, nothing is going to happen like this. Let’s be real, you need food to be alive. If this is not true, then why do you guys order lots of delicious food, when you go for a romantic date. Here, I can say when you love someone, you can live with that person by just having basic food. You don’t want to have delicious and costly food. Because when you love someone, togetherness matters not comfort. But please don’t say, I can live without food, water, and air. So here, I come with lots of amazing ideas to make your Valentine’s Day date very special. Today, I will give you lots of appetizer ideas, that you can order for your dinner or lunch and can spend some quality time together. Also, I will tell you about one most popular appetizer or bread that you should not order. Okay, so let’s start our delicious appetizer searching train. 


Here, I started with the soup instead of a sweet and spicy appetizer. To remind you that don’t forget to order or buy flowers online. Otherwise, may your Valentine make your soup. So be careful about that. Soups are highly preferable for appetizer. During Valentine’s Day, winter is not totally gone. You feel some cold at night. So a hot bowl of soup will be the perfect start. Also, this will be a healthy and light start for the dinner. I know, when you both will be together, each other’s arms will make you feel warm. But this will be the icing on the cake. 

Best Appetizers To Make Your Day Eve Dinner Special

Garlic bread

Okay, as I told you at the beginning that I will tell you one biggest no for your whole dinner. Some people have it as the main course, some people as appetizers. It depends on the likes and dislikes. But garlic bread should not be on your menu when you are with your special one on a romantic day. And yes, here I want to add one yes, don’t forget to order cake online or offline. It’s your choice, but it’s Valentine’s Day, so you both should cut the cake, and make Valentine’s Day more special.

Best Appetizers To Make Your Day Eve Dinner Special

Heart-shaped cheese pocket

I am sure, you have tried lots of types of veg and nonveg pockets appetizer, and yes cheese balls too. Okay, please don’t forget to tell me, how many of you are cheese ball fans like me. So this appetizer will be a combination of both cheese balls and pockets. This is one of the yummiest appetizers, I am sure you both will love it. It’s Valentine’s Day, so it’s the shape totally complements the vibe of Valentine’s Day. You can give your sweetheart Valentine flowers, just before this appetizer. So it will compliment your flowers too. I mean, it is in the heart shape, that’s why I said. 

Chocolate balls

I know, so many of you will say, it is sweet and it should be in the dessert. But let me tell you guys nothing like that. For a girl or boy who is crazy for chocolate. This will be the best start for dinner and eve. It’s Valentine’s Day, so the date should start with something and should end this eve with a sweet note. Also, with lots of sweet and romantic memories. 

Best Appetizers To Make Your Day Eve Dinner Special

Stir vegetables

Best Appetizers To Make Your Day Eve Dinner Special

Lots of people love to start their lunch or dinner with, some light pan stirred vegetables or some salad kind of thing. So you can also add this to your menu. If you both are too diet-conscious or your partner is diet conscious.  He will fall in love with you once again. After seeing the choice of your food. Because I am sure, you both will have some junk and too oily and spicy food. So this appetizer will be a balance of that. And this appetizer will make you both feel fresh also.

Beef Jerky
For a hearty meal serve beef jerky. Valentine’s day jerky will create a romantic atmosphere.

I know, after looking at these yummy foods. You also start feeling hungry and start craving for these yours. But let me tell you guys, now you sometimes have Valentine’s Day. So if you want, you can plan a Valentine’s Day rehearsal dinner with your sweetheart. Apart from the fun part, I am sure now your Valentine’s Day date menu picture is clear in your mind. So now go with your partner, eat a lot and spend lots of time together.