5 common struggles that people with glasses will relate to

Are you able to see things clearly? Or do you need to put two pieces of lenses in front of your eyes to fix the blurry mess? 


If you aren’t blessed with 20/20 vision, you probably wear glasses to keep yourself from stumbling into things. But, wearing glasses has some struggles and challenges on its own. While people with normal vision don’t understand your love-hate relationship with your glasses, we do. 


We understand what you go through with your specs every day. This is why we are here to shed some light on 10 common struggles of the bespectacled population. And we won’t only talk about the problems, we’ll offer solutions as well. Let’s address the problems with your glasses.

They are never clean enough

If you wear glasses, a good amount of your time probably goes to cleaning the lenses. Well, we are sure it’s not only you who feels this way. There are hundreds and thousands of people who share your pain. 


No matter if you are wearing prescription glasses, fashionable frames or just a pair of gaming glasses, your lenses can get dirty even when you are not outdoors so much. It requires you to clean the lenses frequently. And how do you do that? With your shirttail right? This is not the right way to clean the lenses. 


Make sure you always have moistened lens cleaning wipes in your bag. They are easy to use on the go and get your glasses clean in seconds.

Not finding the right frame

We wear glasses to make up for our low visual acuity. But sporting frames that also make you look good can be a catch too. Shopping for glasses is not the same as shopping for clothes.


You have to find a frame that flatters your face shape, skin tone and goes well with your wardrobe. This sounds like too much work to us. And you have to be careful in your choice as you don’t want to be tied to the wrong frame. 


Whenever you buy glasses online or from a store, try glasses that are opposite to your natural form. If your face shape is round, try on some square specs. It will create a nice contrast and bring balance to your symmetry.

No tea or soup, please

…or a plate of hot white sauce pasta for that matter. Because you know what’s going to happen next. The minute you take it close to your face, your lenses will fog up and you will have to wipe them off…again.


This problem has become even more common now that we need to wear face masks to prevent virus transmission. The hot breath flows upwards through the gaps between your nose and lenses and fogging up your glasses. 


If you don’t want this to happen to you, wash your lenses with soapy water before you step out of the house. This will create a thin film on the lenses which won’t let water molecules stick to the surface.

Switching between eyeglasses and sunglasses

This is a hassle, especially in the summers when you have a hard time deciding whether to wear your sunglasses or eyeglasses when you are out in the sun. 


But, you don’t have to make a choice anymore. You can get the best of both worlds in just one pair. Go for tinted lenses, transition lenses or a pair of prescription sunglasses. They will work as both prescription and UV protectant glasses. 


If you don’t want people staring at you for the fact that you are wearing sunglasses indoors, your best bet is transition lenses. They are clear indoors and darken when hit by UV rays. And they are stylish as well.

Glasses headaches

This happens when your prescription changes or you wear glasses for the first time. It’s normal for the eyes to adjust to your prescription and you’ll have to bear with headaches along the way. 


Another reason why this may happen to you is if your frame does not fit your face properly. If they are too loose or too tight, your glasses will give you headaches. So, when you are shopping for prescription glasses, off-the-shelf readers or just a pair of blue light filter glasses in the UK, make sure you get the right frame fit. You can use your old glasses for help if you are buying frames online. 


Wearing glasses is a bittersweet experience. And you will agree that life would suck without them. It’s best to use these tips and get on with life with your specs.