Bellevue Sonic shooting Defendant charged with Assaulting fellow inmate

PAPILLION, Neb. (WOWT) – The man charged in the deadly shooting in a Bellevue Sonic at November is facing additional charges after he assaulted another inmate at the Sarpy County Jail. According to the warrant, surveillance video showed the victim left his mobile at 1:12 pm, walked around downstairs, then returned to his area, where stage Silva is seen racing out of his mobile to the victim’s room. Silva then shuts the door, and nothing that happens in the area — for around 3 minutes — may be viewed, the record says. Papillion Fire Medics transported the victim into the Midlands Hospital emergency room for treatment. The Douglas County Crime Lab, in documenting the victim’s injuries, photographed a very long cut into the victim’s neck, and reddish”shallow marks and cuts throughout his upper torso and throat region.

Silva is facing two charges with regard to the shooting: 2 counts of first-degree murder; 2 counts of attempted first-degree murder; four counts of using a firearm to commit a felony; and a count of first-degree arson. The shooting Nathan Pastrana, 22, and Ryan Helbert, 28, lifeless.

According to the warrant, Silva was asked if he wished to speak to police about the episode, but he left an expletive announcement then walked off. Silva did not seem to have any accidents, the record says. Police were not able to recover any kind of thing from the bathroom line, the warrant states.

“The inmates told me that they heard sounds that seemed like somebody else be choked.” The victim stated he didn’t wish to press charges and has been hauled back to prison. Roberto Silva Jr., will be billed with 2nd-degree attack, a Class 2A Legislation, and use of deadly weapon to commit a crime, a Class 2 felony, after he allegedly assaulted and stabbed another inmate on May 12, inducing the sufferer to need a single stitch on his ear, among other harms.