Memorial Day Parade scheduled for Omaha

Williams said remembering the fallen is that the nonprofit’s mission. Williams, vice president of the team, said the parade, which gets underway at 6:30, is probably the shortest at the city’s history. He said the group’s memorial”Remembering Our Fallen” will be on display in the museum parking lot. The memorial comprises over 5,000 pictures of this dropped since 9/11 and it is the sole memorial like it in the nation.

Tiffany said the fees did not detonate three times. He got out of the tank and ran roughly 300 yards under fire, dodging things on the floor, getting shot , lit the line charge, and hurried back to the tank. His heroism did not go unnoticed by the enemy, who delivered snipers after him. One of them killed him. More than 200 Gold Star families will attend, 6 News reports. Tiffany Bock’s husband, Michael Bock, cleared the way for some other soldiers and equipment in Afghanistan. He did his job, no matter what, she said.

“We invite people to come out and show their support for the Gold Star families,” Williams stated. “It’s not a political event. All patriotic Americans are invited to come and revel in.” “The fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan won’t be forgotten,” he explained.

“Some folks do still miss out on it,” she said. “They don’t know that this is not going out and barbecuing with their family. This is about remembering all those who have died fighting for their freedom.” The significance of Memorial Day isn’t missed in her family, Tiffany said. OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A parade of the women and men who died fighting the war against terror is set for Friday in Omaha. The parade begins from the Old Market, at 12th and Jackson streets, proceeds east to 10th Street, also follows a brief path to the Durham Museum.