After a backlash in Japan, the mascot of the Donki bargain retailer is save

The biggest discount retailer in Japan has changed its mind about replacing its mascot in response to online criticism from followers.

Don Quijote, also known as Donki bargain in Japan, has more than 600 locations and is renown for offering various goods at low costs.

Donen, a blue penguin wearing a Santa hat, is the store’s mascot and has come to represent it.

As a result, when it was announce that Donpen would be replace last week, Japan had a great deal of shock.

The business stated on Twitter that “Dojo-chan,” an anthropomorphic interpretation of the Japanese katakana word “do,” would take the place of the penguin.

It did not state why the adjustment was made.

That sparked a flood of horrifying responses online. While some followers threatened to boycott Donki retailers, others shared pictures of themselves wearing Donpen onesies.

Another user started a poll to find out which Donki mascot the community favored. More than 33,000 people clicked on it, and Donpen received 93% of the vote.

President of Don Quijote Naoki Yoshida looked caught off guard by the development. He claimed on Twitter to have approached “relevant departments” for clarification because he “doesn’t grasp the situation either.”

A few hours later, Mr. Yoshida declared Donpen would continue to serve as the business’s mascot.

“Many of your ideas have been taken very seriously, and we have talk to our board members about them. The decision was made that “Donpen” would remain the official character “said he.

Pan Pacific International Holdings, the production company for Don Quijote, also expressed regret for the event and gratitude for the support shown to Donpen by viewers.

According to the official Donki website, Donpen was raise in Tokyo after being born in Antarctica. The store claims that he likes to go on “night walks” and that “it’s rumoure his appearance alters.”

Don Quijote was one of the few businesses in Japan that made money during the Covid-19 outbreak.