Abbasi says it is not possible to share the same party rank after Maryam’s promotion

Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said he couldn’t hold the same party position in Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) after Maryam Nawaz was elevat to Senior Vice President and Chief Organizer.

Today, there were reports that Abbasi, a former PML-N senior vice-president, has resigned due to disagreements with the party’s decision to appoint Maryam to a senior position.

The landmark decision, taken earlier this month during Maryam’s stay in London, made her the third, most powerful figure in the party after her father, PML-N supremo, and the prime minister and party chairman.

Maryam – a scion of the Sharif family political dynasty during her recent month-long trip to London – was task by her father, PML-N supremo, to “reorganize” the party.

I have no protests [to Maryam’s appointment]. It’s the parties, and leaders, attentiveness. I have no reservations; Abbasi said while talking on the Geo News program.

Hitting back at pundits, Abbasi said that, regardless of whether individuals like it, dynastic governmental issues don’t preclude anybody.

Hours before the former prime minister’s announcement, Maryam defended dynastic politics during a rally in Bahawalpur and came down hard on those who criticized her recent promotion.

“Many individuals are enraged over dynastic [politics]. The country’s adoration isn’t know as a line; it is a majority rules government,” she said.

In response to a question, Abbasi said one should have faith in the party leadership but insisted that “it will be better if there is a consultative process.”

Because if you Stay, the difference of opinion will result in grouping within the party, which is not favorable to anyone, he said.

According to the seasoned politician, he is a member of the PML-N and will remain there, ruling out reports of the formation of a separate political party.

The former prime minister, who did not diminish her appreciation for Maryam’s hard work, also said that the PML-N vice-chairperson had made a space for herself in the hearts of voters and people.

Regarding the possibility of postponing the polls, Abbasi said the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) would have to decide based on the circumstances. In my opinion, they should be by the Constitution.