10 Items That Are Always Cheaper Expensive at Target Hours

Surprisingly, Target has emerged as a price leader in several categories, surpassing its competitors for select items.

Companies such as Walmart and Costco frequently win when it comes to finding the greatest pricing on most things. 

Target can be a great place to shop if you go to know where you’ll find the best discounts.

1. Baby Formula and Diapers

When you start parenting, you may experience sticker shock as you discover how much everything costs and how frequently you need to buy it, especially necessities like diapers and baby formula. The Krazy Koupon Lady compared the pricing of these items at Target and Walmart, with the latter being known for being the cheapest place to buy man things, and Target Hours came out on top.

Several comparisons included:

Pampers Cruisers Size 3, 140 count

  • Target: $37.99
  • Other stores: $39.94

Similac Advance Infant Formula 23.2 ounce

  • Target: $24.69
  • Other stores: $25.94

2.Baking Ingredients (Flour/Sugar/Baking Soda/Powder/Oatmeal)

According to blogger Vanessa Dueck, if you enjoy spending your free time in the kitchen whipping up baked delicacies, make Target you’re go-to for products such as flour, sugar, baking soda, and oats. Even for the more expensive gluten-free flours. She compared Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free in two different stores. A 22 oz bag of the brand costs $4.99 at Safeway. She paid $6.99 at Target for double the size, 44 oz.

3.Cashew Butter

If you’ve only been using peanut butter in your PB&Js, now is the chance to try the delectably creamy, intoxicatingly rich cashew butter, a delicacy that can frequently be expensive elsewhere. However, according to Delish, Good & Gather’s excellent nut butter is about as cheap as it gets, at $6.99/jar.

4.Cleaning Supplies

Reader’s Digest advises buying cleaning products under Target’s “Up & Up brand” if you want to be on the “Up & Up.” Target’s brand packaging contains an arrow, which denotes cost savings. It facilitates simple product identification. Furthermore, Target might offer gift cards as rewards for reaching particular purchasing levels.

5.Frozen Fruits

Do you enjoy starting your mornings with a smoothie of fresh fruit? Do you detest how quickly fresh fruit spoils? According to The Smarter Home Maker, frozen fruit is an excellent and practical approach to ensure you get all the nutrients you need without wasting food, and Target makes it affordable.

6.Home Decor

When choosing affordable home decor, IKEA shouldn’t be your first stop. According to a Self Financial survey, among competitors including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, and Wayfair, Target offers the most affordable Homestore goods. When they evaluated products for the living room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, bedroom, and office, Target had the greatest prices.

7.Laundry Detergent and Dryer Sheets

Laundry detergent (and dryer sheets) are another item that we simply never stop needing to purchase because laundry is a never-ending task. Target offered lower prices for washing needs, according to Krazy Koupon Lady:

Snuggle Dryer Sheets, 200 count

  • Target: $6.64
  • Other stores: $6.97

Tide Laundry Detergent, 154 ounce

  • Target: $18.99
  • Other stores: $19.94

You better have your preferred spices because your food won’t season itself. With their “Good and Gather” brand of inexpensive spices that cost only a few dollars each, Target makes this simple. You can’t beat this fantastic pricing to add flavor to your meals, whether with onion powder, paprika, cinnamon, basil, or anything else.

8.Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

Before 2020, most of us probably didn’t give our toilet paper and paper towels much thought, but the shortages brought on by the epidemic changed that. Target frequently offers Up & Up paper towels at incredibly low costs, but the Krazy Koupon Lady claims that they also outperform Walmart on some name brands, such as:

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper, 12 mega rolls

  • Target: $11.87
  • Other stores: $12.48

Toilet paper by Charmin Ultra Soft, 24 mega rolls

  • Target: $22.79
  • Other stores: $23.82


Along with having affordable costs, a Target is a popular place for shoppers since it has a wide selection of essential items. Send your kids to the toy aisles to keep them happy, and keep yourself pleased by recognizing that they are less expensive than Walmart. Target comes out on top in several categories, according to the price comparison site Krazy Koupon Lady:

LEGO Mandalorian Baby Yoda

  • Target: $75.99
  • Other stores: $79.95

LEGO Captain America Mech Armor

  • Target: $9.49
  • Other stores: $9.97

Play-Doh Paw Patrol Hero Pack

  • Target: $13.29
  • Other stores: $13.99

Additionally, Target frequently provides coupons and discounts via their app, which can significantly lower pricing.

10. Towels

The experience after taking a shower or bath can be made or broken by the towel. Nobody wants to grab a worn-out towel that only just cleans them. According to Reader’s Digest, Target provides a great range of bath and hand towels with a high thread count, several seasonal colours, and great prices.


Surprisingly, Target has emerged as a price leader in several categories, surpassing its competitors for select items. Target can be a great place to shop if you know where you’ll find the best discounts, such as Baby Formula and Diapers, Cashew Butter, Home Decor, etc.