Why Using a Triangular Flag Is Considered To Be a Good Marketing Technique

If you are someone who is anticipating that the physical advertising methods will be facing extinction soon, then you are wrong. Though you can argue that digital marketing and advertising have become more or less synonymous, but print media is still making its presence felt. Among the various marketing tools, flags and banners have been far more successful in building brand awareness. In the future too, you will witness them flying proudly to bring to light the existence of a company or simply to convey a message. Read on to know why they are still preferred, especially a triangular flag, as a promotional method by the marketers.

Advantages of having a triangular shape 

We fail to notice what we see regularly. But if we spot something unusual, our eyes fall on them instantly. Rectangular flags are a common occurrence. But if the shape is changed, its impact on our mind also changes. Other flags forms that are enjoying the limelight these days are the feather-shaped, square, teardrop, and tapered end flags.

The flexibility of incorporating any design and text

A flag is like a clean slate. You get the privilege to choose any pattering or lettering on them as per your requirement. You can have them customized into any size and scale. Using multiple flags in an array, in any event, will make you noticeable among many other brands.

Easy to assemble and dismantle

Triangle flags are easy to put up and also easy to disassemble. It takes only a few minutes to complete the whole setup, and you won’t even require any extra help. The arrangement is generally modular, which means you can adjust the height of the pole or replace the flag if needed.


You invest a little money to make these triangular flags. But the outcome is far greater than your input. They provide you with an impressive return for the value of your money. And they are reusable. You can use them several times before they show signs of decay.


A polyester blend is used to make these flags. Such material makes them durable and resistant to any weather condition. So, for outdoor advertising, choosing these flags would be a wise decision for any company.

Serves other purposes

Triangular flags, when placed strategically one after the other, create a great vision. While doing so, keep the color schemes in mind. Playing with the color combination can give rise to an extraordinary sight. You can print a different product or text on each of them. It will make the people aware of all that you have to offer.

Other than using them for advertising, you can also use them as decorative items. An uninteresting stall at a business event can instantly change into a powerhouse of ideas ready to be shared with potential customers when you decide to decorate your space using them.


To mark your presence, using triangular flags can be an easy way out. So, do not think twice before investing in such a profitable marketing tool.