Why Fans Are (Or Aren’t) finding Forward to Squid Game: The Challenge

In 2022 A new reality contest series called Squid Game: The Challenge was greenlit by Netflix. It will be based on Squid Game, which was one of the most famous shows on the streaming service in 2021. 

The original show was a dystopian portrayal where only one individual survived. The streaming show’s deadly depiction of such games as “Red Light, Green Light,” and others bewitch audiences.

As a result of this interest, this version will have 456 players vying for an award of 4.56 million dollars. However, there is no deadly result for the losers, unlike in the television drama. The new fact series is ten episodes long, and competitors will participate in various Squid Game-inspired challenges.

Alliances will formed, and procedures will put to the test. Casting is now closed, but Netflix declared the Squid Game reality contest would come out sometime this year.

Fans Discuss Squid Game: The Challenge

Viewers of the original Squid Game have taken to social media to express their opinions on Squid Game: The Challenge. Some argue that it is ironic that Netflix is reaching out of its way to feature one of the very things that the television drama was criticizing, i.e., capitalism and how people were ready to die to win.

Even though the repercussions of losing aren’t as severe, basing a fact show on such a dystopian streaming series evokes strong negative emotions. “Tell me you don’t know what Squid Game is about without telling me you don’t comprehend what Squid Game is about,” Twitter user @yes Jon said in reaction to the Netflix casting declaration.


Viewers Are Excited to Compete in a New Reality Show


While everything people understand about Squid Game: The Challenge is limited, Reddit user @hiressnails, who applied to be a competition, said, “I’d be cool [if] I won it. It’d be cool to be on it in common. I’ve been fact depress lately and have want some adventure.” The casting response shows a positive response to the show, with users saying on Reddit that there were 90,000 applications.

The question is whether this spin-off of a famous Netflix drama will translate well into a reality competition. Squid Game: The Challenge could piggyback on the worldwide phenomena which denounced the way capitalism inspires people to do immoral things to the point that they are ready to die to get money.

Even though Squid Games: The Challenge will only highlight the contenders rather than the deadly sacrifices people will make, the enthusiasm for so many to be cast in the reality contest shows how popular the idea of Squid Games is. Creator says this is just one way the Squid Games’ universe could extend. Viewers will have to see if this individual expansion is a success.