When Will Lahore to Karachi Train Operation Resume?

The Lahore to Karachi train will resume its operation on November 16 after three to four days. The railway track has suffered heavy damage due to floodwaters and power outages. The PR spokesperson has assured passengers that the train will be up and running within a few days. The railway track was badly battered by floodwater and the signaling system at railway yards is malfunctioning.

Lahore to Karachi Train Operation will Resume From November 16

Pakistan Railways has announced that Lahore to Karachi train operation would resume on November 16. The rail operation was interrupted because of the floods, but the train will be operational again in three to four days. The railway track had been badly damage by floodwater. It was also affect by power outages. Pakistan Railways has started work on various sections to restore rail operations.

Circular Railway

Pakistan Railways has also announced that its Circular Railway will resume in stages starting from Monday, November 16. The train will travel from Pipri Station to Orangi, passing through Landhi, Malir, Drigh Road, Cantonement, Kemari, and Gulbai. There will be eight trains running from Pipri to Orangi daily, starting at seven in the morning. The trains will travel in alternating direction between the two stations.

Pakistan Railways has announced that the train service will resume on the Karachi Circular Railway. Eight trains will operate on the 60-kilometer route at first. Fares for a one-way ticket will be Rs. 50 per passenger.

Three to Four Days

The train operation from Karachi to Lahore has been suspended since August 26 because of floods. It is estimated that it will take at least three to four days to reopen the affected sections. The railway track has been badly damaged due to flooding, and reopening passenger service is likely to be difficult. Moreover, power outages and malfunctioning signaling systems at railway yards are further complicating the situation. Despite these problems, the PR spokesperson is confident that passenger train service will be restored in a few days.

Pakistan Railways has decided to bring the Karachi Circular Railway back on track, after 21 years of inactivity. The 300bn rupees ($1.8 billion) project is expected to save ordinary Pakistanis $377 million annually in travelling costs. However, local communities are concerned that the cost to them could be as great as the savings.

Karachi Urban Transport Corporation

According to the Railways, construction of the railway line is expected to begin by September 2013. The KCR is to be renovated and rebuilt by the Karachi Urban Transport Corporation. In addition, the KCR will be linked to the Karachi Metrobus.

The Lahore to Karachi train service will resume a few days after the Railways inspect the damaged rails. The rails were badly damaged in the floods. Pakistan Railways has instructed its technical crew to work in three shifts to repair the rails. Earlier, the railways suspended the operation of the train services in the flood-hit areas.

Suspension of Regular Train Service

Floods cause suspension of train service between Pakistan, Iran

Pakistan Railways has extended the suspension of regular train service from Karachi by 10 days because of damage to the railway track. The company has notified customers and refunded advance booking fees. The suspension has occurred due to damages to train tracks in the areas from Nawabshah to Khairpur. According to the railways, it will take about ten more days to completely dry the rail tracks. Meanwhile, freight operations have been resume on the up-track at a control speed.

The private company that operated the train is also being investigat. If the company does not provide satisfactory results of the inspection, they will face criminal action and their contract will be revoked.

Partial Resumption of Train Services

Partial train service resumption after 56-day break

Pakistan Railways have started the partial resumption of train services from Lahore to Karachi after the recent lockdown. During this phase, eight up and down passenger trains will be operated daily. Fares for these trains will be fix at Rs50. In the first phase of the resumption, the Karakorum Express will leave Lahore at 3 pm and the Pak Business Express will depart at 4.30 pm. The Shah Hussain Express will leave Karachi at 7:30 pm.

The Federal Minister for Railways, Khwaja Saad Rafique, has presided over several meetings at the Railway Headquarters in Lahore. The minister has directed his officials to complete the survey of the affected installations and speed up the rehabilitation process. The railway department has also been instruct to work in three shifts.

Final Words:

The Pakistan Railways has announced that passenger trains to Karachi from the rest of the country will resume within three to four days. In the meantime, freight trains will continue their operation at a cautious speed. Moreover, the signaling systems at the railway yards have also been affected. Power outages are also a major factor.