What was known about the terms of the armistice agreement

Mediators from the United States, Egypt and Qatar are working to broker a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas to end attacks on Gaza. Hamas agreed to this deal proposal. US Central Intelligence Agency-CI chief Bill Barnes is running for the cease-fire agreement. He arrived in Jerusalem from Doha, Qatar on Monday.

On this day, US President Joe Biden spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the phone. Biden objected to Israel’s ground operation in Gaza’s Rafah. He also mentioned that the ceasefire agreement is the best way to save hostages in the hands of Hamas.

Israel did not agree to this cease-fire agreement. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the proposal Hamas agreed to did not meet Israel’s demands. However, a team of mediators will be sent to Cairo to negotiate a ceasefire agreement. He also said that Israel’s wartime cabinet had decided to launch an operation in Rafah.

The terms of the proposed deal, which Hamas has agreed to, have not yet been disclosed. However, the Israeli-based media The Times of Israel has highlighted the terms of the agreement in a report.

According to their report, mediators had been negotiating with Hamas in recent days on a proposal for a three-phase ceasefire agreement. In the first phase of the agreement, Hamas will release 33 hostages within 40 days. Those who will be released in this phase are women, children, elderly and sick people. In exchange, Israel will release hundreds of Palestinian prisoners.

In the second phase, Hamas will release all remaining hostages within the next 42 days. In exchange, Israel will release several hundred more Palestinian prisoners. Also, all Israeli troops will be withdrawn from Gaza.

In the third phase of the agreement, the bodies of all those killed or taken hostage in the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel will be handed over to Israel within 42 days. In return, the bodies of Palestinians who died in Israeli captivity will be handed over.

The first phase of the agreement will begin the process of rebuilding Gaza. It will rebuild Gaza’s road, electricity, water, sewage and communications infrastructure. And the second phase of the agreement will prepare a five-year plan for the reconstruction of houses and civilian structures in Gaza. The infrastructure reconstruction work will begin in the third phase of the agreement.