What to do if You Slip And Fall in a Store

Slip and fall injuries are part of personal injury. It is one of the common injuries that people sustain. However, often slip, and fall accidents occur due to the store owner’s negligence. In such cases, you are entitled to get a certain amount of financial aid. A personal injury lawyer in Seattle can guide you through the entire process of filing a claim.

Steps to take after slip and fall accident in a store

  1.  Medical treatment

First, the victim should get medical treatment. Doing this will help the victim know what kind of injuries have occurred. The injured person should explain how and when the fall took place. Along with this, it is better to inform the doctor as to where you have pain or cuts if any. The doctor will do a detailed examination of your body. It is usually advised to ask an acquaintance or a family member to take you home. This ensures your safety after an accident.  

  • Detailed report of the incident

Once the victim is medically tested, they should head towards a police station. Ask the officer of that locality to file a case against the store owner. The officer will ask specific questions related to the accident and injury. Try to answer them as accurately as possible. You can even present the medical records, which will ease your filing of the report at the initial stage. 

  • Hire a lawyer to present your claim

Personal injury claims are not as easy as it appears to be. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can help you get through the legal procedures. In cases like these, proving negligence on the store owner’s part is a real deal. Without a lawyer, this task becomes difficult for someone who is not well versed in legal jargon and proceedings.

Hiring a lawyer will increase your probability of getting the desired claim. They will prepare you for the hearing as well and let you know about the modalities before the case hearing. You will be able to recover from your injuries faster because now your entire attention will be devoted to healing. 

Sustaining personal injuries due to a slip-in fall in a store is an embarrassing situation. It not just affects you physically but also mentally. On top of that, the piling medical bills make the entire scenario more pathetic. If you have suffered from a slip and fall accident in Seattle, contact an expert personal injury lawyer to file your claim and settle it.