What Is Trigoxin? Is The Medicine In Hulu’s Movie ‘Run’ Real? Check Here!

A new horror-thriller film called Run was released on Hulu earlier this month. There is a lot of discussion in the film about the drug Trigoxin and how it is used to keep a mentally ill woman’s daughter imprisoned for years.

American Crime Story’s Sarah Paulson takes on the role of Diane Sherman in this film. In the beginning, she kidnaps a baby and then confines her in their home. Diane keeps coming up with new ways to keep her daughter Chloe dependent on her as she grows older.

According to her, Chloe is always ill or at least that is what she believes. Diane, on the other hand, has been manipulating her mentally since she was a small child to keep her in a wheelchair and keep her sick all the time. A lot of drugs are also involved.

What Is Trigoxin?

The drug trigoxin appears frequently throughout the storey. Eventually, Chloe finds a bottle of medication or a drug in the groceries her mother had purchased.

Her mother tries to cover up by convincing Chloe that this bottle is meant for Chloe and this makes her even more suspicious about the findings she has made..” When Diane refuses to tell her anything else about the drug and tries to hide everything from her, she is certain of her suspicions.

Chloe refuses to give up on her investigation and continues to work on it behind the scenes. When Chloe asks about Trigoxin, the stranger on the phone does some research on the drug and tells her that it’s a “brand name drug that treats severe heart conditions including atrial fibrillation, flutter, or heart failure”. However, they also include something that puts Chloe in a difficult position. The pill is red, but Chloe recalls that her mother gave her a green pill when she was younger.
A drug called Trigoxin does not exist and performs the aforementioned functions. With that being said, Digoxin is a drug that exhibits similar reactions. The show’s directors and creators clearly intended to show a plausible drug name in the movie because the names of the two drugs rhyme and the spellings of their names also match.

Is Trigoxin Used For Dogs?

When Chloe inquires about the drug, she learns that it is simply a muscle relaxant prescribed to reduce canine leg pain or leg discomfort caused by sunburns, bites, or cuts. She also learns that her mother Diane must be getting this drug for her pet dog because her mother has a tendency to overprescribe medications.

The truth is that dogs don’t have access to the same drug. However, Lidocaine, a drug that can be used by both humans and dogs, is the closest alternative.

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