What is the perfect strategy to clear the UPSC prelims 2022 in the first attempt?

  1. People, there can’t be a perfect strategy. As they say, everything is relative to each other. There is no unique point in any region of space for Prelims crash course.
  2. Frank Walczak, 2004 Physics Nobelist (asymptotic freedom) has stated that individuals in the same room witness flashes emanating from a light source covered by a cloth at different points in time which means two people experience two different worlds at a relative point in space-time.
  3. So, a suggested road map is enumerated below.
  4. Attempt the UPSC 2021 Question Paper. You would know exactly where you stand. If you have had a good GK base and a grounding for a start, it would get you a score in late 40s, early 50s.
  5. Make a Booklist. Merely having 9 to 10 books is a fundamental requirement. Equally necessary is what are the books: are they decided randomly or only after fine research.
  6. Develop a customised time table. It should encompass a revision per week.
  7. On weekends, commit to memory PYQs and their answers specifically related to Prelims. In my own case, across 2500 Q and As my accuracy would have been about 2450 or approx. 98 percent. One revision of 20 years span be done per month.
  8. Study about 35 to 42 hrs per week. Study all the components on a given day. Studying only one or two subjects a day simply won’t allow you to land your name in the chased pdf issued by the sacrosanct commission. Equally significantly, devote rest of your waking hrs to self-questioning and analysis.
  9. Solve a mock once a week at this point in time and about once in 3 days in the follow up 3 months before the CSP 2022.
  10. Practice hobbies. Play games each day. But take a day off every 2.5 months to 3 months. Half a day studies on Sundays is done.
  11. Sit a session of Saturdays with a Civil Servant. Innovative methods are generated, doubts are solved. To register see profile panel.

There is no perfect strategy to clear UPSC. Watch the interviews of toppers and analyse their strategies. Read the blogs of toppers and extract what suits you.

Formulate your own strategy, if I were to draft a strategy for myself, I would have included the following:

  • Cover NCERTs
  • Enhance conceptual clarity
  • Make a book-list
  • Don’t diversify sources
  • Don’t tweak the book-list often
  • Cover the basics and grasp it
  • Know the syllabus
  • Keep a copy of previous years’ questions
  • Read the newspaper every day
  • Make crisp notes from the newspaper
  • Don’t mug up
  • Enhance writing skills
  • Practice answer writing
  • Join a test series after 70% completion of the syllabus
  • Respect CSAT
  • Allocate time for optional
  • Don’t run behind fringe areas
  • Grab the low hanging fruits
  • Make a timeline
  • Revise multiple times
  • Write as many mocks as possible
  • Revise the mocks
  • Try to finish GS as soon as possible
  • Practice, practice, and practice

Which book is the best for the preparations of UPSC GS 4 ethics integrity and aptitude?

Here I am providing you some most preferred books for preparing Ethics.

  • ARC 4th report
  • Ethics in Public Administration – Patrick Sheeran
  • Ethics by some D. Subbarao (I don’t remember the exact name) : Not much useful but covers almost all topics NCERT Psychology book Class XI & XII : Selected chapters.
  • Citizen Centric Administration – ARC Report
  • Good Governance (2013), Inclusive Governance (2013), Reforms in Public Administration (2014) Yojana issues.
  • Eden IAS Ethics Integrity & Aptitude- The Theoretical Framework
  • Eden IAS Ethics Case Study Workbook for Ethics Integrity and Aptitude .
  • Eden IAS Glossary of Ethics Terminology

Note: Aft er exploring all I preferred EDEN IAS book, and I find it most reliable.

Good Luck…!!!!!!

Why is the UPSC-CSE GS 4 (ethics, integrity, and aptitude) syllabus more IAS-centric? What about IFS, IPS and other services?

Well, it could be a perception, but it is not like that and not even entirely true. UPSC Syllabus is designed in such a way that it is relevant in any public service.

It may possible that you may came across the with the case studies which are more IAS centric but for this the reason is,” if a person has high administrative skill, he can do any work and manage the whole team better and pursue them to do better.” So, testing High administrative skill already test the skill of lower managerial skill.

Good Luck…!!!!