What are the 5 founding elements of Kaizen method consists of

As you know, that Kaizen is a Japanese origin quality management tool that basically gives companies a method through which they can regulate and standardize the production of their product or service. Kaizen basically helps organizations and companies in tracking their growth and maintaining their brand in the market. For this, it uses the 7 step method to ensure a substantial growth of the company. Here in this article, let’s dig a little deeper about the 5 founding principles of Kaizen management method and also look at its advantages and disadvantages too. Let’s go-

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5 founding elements of Kaizen management system:

Element 1: Teamwork

With a collective goal and effort, nothing is impossible for any company. If all the employees work together to achieve the collective goal for the company, this will ensure an exponential growth. Now, this is applicable for all the employee right from the CEOs to the paid interns. If all of them work for one cause, the first element of Kaizen is achieved provided the communication and exchange of information, mutual learning and timely completion of all the duties are done correctly.

Element 2: Personnel Discipline

Kaizen management tool will require a lot of changes and improvements. Thus, everyone in the company must be adaptable to changes and also be patient to recognize the results. This will also demand a lot of patience and personal discipline on the employee end. If the employees can be disciplined and work with any kind of improvement or change, it could be the best to happen to any company. Also the company will also need certified Scrum masters to assess the company at every stage of changes.

Element 3: Improved Morale

With the involvement of all the employees in the decision making process, it becomes really easy to make them work for a purpose. When people are constantly empowered to work out their tasks and job in a better way, they are automatically encouraged to work for the better. This improves the overall morale of each and every person involved with the company and proves to be of great help for the company in the long run.

Element 4: Quality Circles

This is one of the most essential parts of Kaizen. The entire work needs to be divided among different Quality circles; this should include people from all tiers of the company. With these quality circles, the employees can actually share a lot of information, skills, new ideas and also technologies. This basically provides a gateway for employees from all tires to interact and strategize each decision of the company from the POV of every tier.

Element 5: Suggestions for improvement

It is with constant changes and improvements that a substantial growth is achieved for any company. Thus, it should be open to suggestions for improvements from all its employees.

These are the 5 basic principles of Kaizen. Let’s look at a few of its advantages as well as a few disadvantages.

Advantages of Kaizen management tool:

  1. With the constant improvement approach of the Kaizen management tool, the company can actually strategize and minimize the wastage in its production. This ultimately results into greater profits in the longer run.
  2. The method also leads to fewer errors and it also puts the need for external supervision and overseeing out of the window.
  3. Kaizen also helps with customer satisfaction as this method involves a lot of data study. This actually provides a picture of what is working with the customers and what is not. Thus, with Kaizen, the company and also its employees can understand the customers better and then finally cater to their needs in a wholesome way.
  4. The method encourages teamwork, this increases the harmony amongst the employees and enables them to look beyond their departments and contribute in a much greater way to the actual growth of the company.
  5. Due to the increased involvement of the employees in the actual decision making process, their morale is definitely pushed and they can work with a purpose for the company rather than being just the robots and doing mechanical stuff.

Drawbacks to look out for in the Kaizen Management system:

As no system is absolutely perfect, Kaizen has a few flaws too. So, if you are looking to implement it, do look out for these red flags and minimize them as far as you can.

  1. A few changes or improvements that the company implements can be short lives. Some might work some might not. Initially, they will bring in a lot of excitement to the team; however they can also cause a lot of confusion. SO, make sure you communicate with the team to eliminate this.
  2. The companies that work with closed communication channels will have to change their work culture; it might take a lot of effort and time to implement it in these types of companies. However, with patience and perseverance, it can be established and growth can be seen.

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