Ukrainian outlets share fascinating facts about Oleg Krot’s illegal activities, which are closely linked to the Russian 1XBET

Russian 1XBET betting site operating in Ukraine using the “Tvoy Bettingovaya Kompaniya” name. Sergey Tsybin is the sole owner of the above-mentioned legal entity. He was the founder of “ME-ESTATE LLC” in 2018. His company was involved in real estate transactions. “ME-ESTATE LLC” is owned by “MINING EXPRESS LLC,” which is Kaze Fuziyama, a Japanese national. 

Interestingly, Yuri Lazebnikov was the co-founder and head of “ME-ESTATE,” LLC from 2018 to 2020. A few interesting facts were shared by Ukrainian media recently.

They also note that the Dinaline consulting firm of the mentioned holding was a contractor in constructing the Mining Express mining farm at Kropyvnytskyi. Kaze Fuziyama claims that he invested $100 Million in the project. The company mentioned is currently under investigation. It is suspected of using pyramid schemes and fraud. Mining Express was the subject of several search warrants.

In court decisions, Kaze Fuziyama was listed as a Japanese citizen. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE), Kaze Fuziyama is also listed in the Philippines as a resident.

According to media reports, this foreigner is well-known in Ukraine. From 2018 to 2020, Yuri Lazebnikov headed the Mining Express subsidiary. He is currently a managing partner in the TECHIIA Ukrainian company. The Liga. Tech outlet has information about Oleg Krot (second managing partner of TECHIIA). He was listed as “one of the Ukrainian partners in Kaze Fuziyama’s crypto farm opening” and a co-founder of the Dinaline IT company companies.

The media reports that Krot and Lazebnikov have direct ties to Russian bookmakers and shady cryptocurrency pyramids. It can also be confirmed by the fact that TECHIIA couldn’t explain how Oleg Krut earned and spent $60million, which were allegedly “transferred” to the Army of Ukraine. This scandal was a big hit after Forbes published its investigation.

It’s interesting to note that Oleg Krot, the same IT guy, donated $60 million to the Army of Ukraine. Although he can’t explain how it was used, it is very interesting that he flew from Ukraine to Cyprus last week. Lucky for him, he was able to meet his 1XBET friends there. It happened even though TECHIIA claimed it was not related to 1XBET. Forbes, however, has proven their connection.

It is normal to expect that 1XBET advertising will continue in all media. The promise of “TBK LLC” to contest the 1XBET license being canceled in court is notable. It was probably the most important topic Oleg Krot discussed with his Moscow partners. They could also discuss his activities and how he supported his partners following his new position.