Transform Your Laundry Room into an Enjoyable Place

No one likes to do laundry. It is tiring, time-consuming, and boring. You can identify with these emotions if you hold the same opinion about this chore. But do you know the design and décor of this place can influence your mood? The old setup may have lost its appeal. You can redecorate or reorganize it to make it comfortable and joyful. It becomes easy to distract your mind to something more pleasing while the machine does its work in a functional and inviting room. Although there are plenty of ideas to choose from, focus on those that meet your taste and style. Here are some handpicked laundry room suggestions. Let’s explore them quickly!

Pops of color and pattern

You may have to spend a considerable amount of time in this area each day or week. Hence, giving it a unique character through wallpapers, patterned baskets, colorful appliances, and others can be a great thing. Since this room is mainly functional, your decoration choices can improve its ambiance vastly. The walls can look amazing in pale blue, white, soft green, brown, purple, and other cheerful shades. If you buy wallpaper, go for geometric designs, organic shapes, wood paneling, fiber art, etc.

Display items

Storing supplies in proper containers can help keep your room clutter-free. When you talk about laundry supplies, it includes dryer sheets, fabric softener, detergent, etc. All these should be handy, so you don’t have to waste your efforts on finding them.  People use glass jars for this purpose. Besides, wicker baskets can help store towels and cleaning tools. The decanted items without any labels should go on the higher shelves for children’s safety. Anyway, your jars can be artistic or simple. But the way you place them on the rack can make a huge difference.

Machine exteriors

Usually, washers and dryers come with steel exteriors. You can leverage this to add magnetic storage solutions, such as hooks, basket or flat rack, lint bin, and others. It will help you manage your laundry well. Some people don’t want to take any risk with the machines, so they avoid this trick. If you are one of them, you can still do things differently. Add a wood shelf on the top of the machines leaving a small gap between the two. It will allow you to optimize storage. At the same time, the combination of wood and steel can bring some industrial or contemporary charm. You can bask in it to your heart’s content.

Adding a laundry basin that’s great for pre-rinsing clothes in this space can be a functional enhancement. But the use of a mix of steel appliances can also be a great contributor to the laundry room’s aesthetics. If you didn’t visualize like this earlier, try to do it now.

Small space utilization

Townhouses, condos, and apartments feature closets with hooks, storage carts, and shelves. If there is enough room between the washer and dryer, slip in your ironing board and broom in that gap. Or, you can place these on one side.


Most people don’t pay proper attention to lighting requirements in the laundry rooms. But keeping it bright and illuminated is necessary. If you want, you can add a light bulb. It will keep its environment relaxing even during busy days. With this, the combination of paint can have a substantial impact. Lighting and wall color can instantly elevate the whole room’s vibe.

Hidden storage

Whether it is small or large, a laundry room will have multiple nooks and corners. You can leverage these small places for maximum storage. You can rely on basket drawers to over-the-door racks for functional and aesthetic wonders. At the same time, you can hang patterned curtains to keep them safe from direct views. It also ensures tidiness. Under some shelves, you can attach valet rods if there is proper space. You can use them to air dry clothes. When these are free, you can remove them also. This hack can be handy for tiny laundry spaces.

Stylish splashes

It can be slightly awkward to imagine this corner of the house in an attractive avatar. But you don’t have to doubt its ability to look as exciting as other nooks. Even simple additions of houseplants like fern can create a massive impact. The walls can have art frames. On flooring, you can spread a rug to accentuate its beauty and warmth. You can use the carpet to fold clothes also.

Multitasking hub

Some houses boast laundry rooms that double as closets or mudrooms. Just make sure you decorate this multifunctional space in such style then. If you don’t have enough space, you can combine two busy corners into one to fulfill your daily needs. For example, you will want to have a wall hook or hanging coat rack, shoe cabinet, and other items. Similarly, you can have a foldable ironing board in an empty nook to quickly press and fold your clothes.

Things to consider

According to design and décor experts, adding labels to storage solutions help keep this room neat and organized. Still, every place runs the risk of getting cluttered due to overstuffing. You can check all the shelves and remove unnecessary items occasionally. It can prevent things from overflowing from their space. It is relevant for both smaller and larger laundry rooms.

The laundry room may not be part of your home improvement plan. But it will be better to include this too if you don’t have any budget constraints. After all, in this corner, you wash your dirty clothes, air dry damp pieces, and press them. A mix of wetness and steam can quickly ruin its interiors. If you are careful about this, you will not hesitate to spend on this side of the house. However, it doesn’t imply that you have to think of significant upgrades only. Even minor changes can keep this room attractive and safe. One of them is wall paint, for example. Or, you can adjust shelves and rods to customize this corner a bit more.