Top Apps to Make Slideshow Presentations on Your Smartphone Today

Once upon a time, slideshow presentations meant creating heavy PowerPoint presentations on a PC. Now with the high availability of innumerable great apps, one can create an impressive presentation while being anywhere in the world. Whether you are on the train or vacationing in a remote location, creating presentations is no longer a hassle nor does it require a desk and PC to work with. That’s why we listed some of the top apps that you can use download on your smartphone today to create some terrific slides!

Option #1 – Keynote

Keynote is one of Apple’s top slideshow software, which is specifically designed to rival Microsoft’s PowerPoint. The good thing about the Keynote app is that it’s a default app found on all iOS devices, so there’s already a good chance that your iPhone may already have the app. Similar to Google Slides and MS PowerPoint, users can create a slideshow presentation on their smartphone, using one of the pre-installed templates available in the app. They can add text and pictures, give animation to their slide, link in videos, record voiceovers, save in different file formats, and even share on various platforms.

The app contains about 40 pre-installed unique templates, which ensure that you make lucid yet beautiful presentations. What makes Keynote separate from its competition are several standout features that may be absent from the rest of the presentation software in the market. For instance, the Instant Alpha feature is designed to remove image backgrounds while the embedded timer allows the user to rehearse your presentation so that you present without any errors and within the set time as well. Although there are no in-app purchases, Keynote is a great app, especially if you don’t feel like working on the conventional favorites!

Option #2 – Ludus

Are you looking for more innovative options? Look no further and try Ludus. This is a web-based presentation app for creators, who are interested in making their slideshow presentation resemble an innovative piece of art. What makes this app stand out from the others in this list is its feature of integrating third-party websites and apps with the presentation created on Ludus. So whether you have to integrate a YouTube video or synchronize Google Fonts in your presentation, Ludus allows you to do this. Switch to Wave Internet if your perfect internet connection is nowhere fast or stable as claimed by your current provider, for a glitchy service can spoil your work and your mood simultaneously.

Another reason why art directors, illustrators, and all kinds of designers enjoy using Ludus is the several advanced features, which can often be compared to the complexity of various tools under Creative Cloud. However, new users have nothing to worry about, as there is an introductory tutorial, which explains all the basic features of this web-based app. What’s more, is that users can use passwords to save and secure their slideshow presentations and share them on various platforms as well. The web-based app has in-app purchases with a free one-month free trial.

Option #3 – Prezi

Are you tired of using the same old format for slideshow presentations? Do you want to try out something new and interesting for your next in-house presentation? Why not try Prezi. This is available both as a web-based app and as a mobile app as well, which makes it quite flexible for all kinds of formats. What’s more, is that this flexibility is carried forward in the slideshow structure as well. Users can create a presentation that flows more like a conversation so it’s easier for the audience to follow if there are many sub-headings in your presentation.

In addition to this, there are several features, familiar to other slideshow apps such as built-in slide templates that are editable and can be customized as considered necessary. What’s more is that the other two apps, Prezi Design and Prezi Video ensure that they give a creative edge that elevates an ordinary presentation even more. The best part is its pricing strategy. The free trial is a 14-month stint whereas the free plan allows for five projects. On the other hand, the premium plan starts at $5 per month. Keep in mind that this platform requires a stable internet connection as offered in CenturyLink internet plans.

Option #4 – Google Slides

Google Slides is a presentation tool developed by Google. It is an excellent alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint as it consists of several same features as its competitor. What makes Google Slides different from the others is that it is free and does not require any kind of in-app purchases. Nor are there any premium/paid plans that users need to subscribe to. Users only require a Gmail account to log in to Google Slides and they are good to go! What’s more is that Google Slides can work on any device where you can log in to your email account, so access is no longer an issue. Additionally, this app comes with built-in templates, and numerous features, while offering simple editing tools, which can create an impressive slide in seconds!

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, folks. We listed some of the top apps for creating amazing slideshow presentations, which can even be accessed on your smartphone and help you to create stunning masterpieces just with a few clicks and taps on the phone! If you are looking for a good internet service provider to help you smoothly operate through these websites/platforms, Xfinity is one of many. Call at Xfinity customer service number to find out about the details of their plans.