Top 6 Tips You Need to Keep in Mind to Customize T-Shirts Better

Nowadays, customization of t-shirts is becoming more and more popular. Whether you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, or typographer, you will feel happy when you implement your design on the t-shirts. Not to mention, when you wear a t-shirt of your artwork, you will be able to stand apart from the crowd.

However, it’s easy said than being done. Even if you know the best custom t-shirt printing company, you need to consider the artwork. Choosing the perfect design for your customized t-shirts is undoubtedly a daunting and time-consuming task.

Choosing an irrelevant design for your t-shirts will make them look unattractive. Therefore, if you want to reap the good benefits of customized t-shirts, you need to pay close attention to the designs you choose.

Here are the top 6 great tips to remember while customizing your t-shirt.

Take Some Time to Finalize the Concept 

This is one of the most important things you need to remember while customizing your t-shirts. The design you choose will play a massive role in determining your personality. If you choose the wrong concept, the t-shirts will undoubtedly look bad.

Don’t rush during the designing process. Create a detailed sketch so that you can determine whether the design will help you boost your fashion sense or not. If you think you can improve the design, consider adding other design factors to the graphics. This way, you can choose the perfect illustration. If you feel that the invention is inappropriate, consider selecting another one.

Imagine Your Design on the T-Shirt

This is another excellent way to design a customized t-shirt better. Remember that personalized t-shirts are as effective as your design. Before finalizing the concept, imagine how the design will look on the t-shirt. Do you need to change the pattern? Is the artwork not relevant as per your thoughts? Imagine the layout on your t-shirt will help you avoid any mistake.

Additionally, keep in mind that the design printed on the customized t-shirts will look different than the original artwork. Therefore, if you’re facing confusion, print out your design on paper and place it on a standard shirt. Don’t forget to view your strategy at the actual size. Are you planning to purchase high-quality customized t-shirts? Consider visiting print on demand etsy

Detail is Necessary, but Keep the Design Simple

Even though detailed design plays a massive role in increasing the beauty of the customized t-shirt, you need to apply simple strategies. Everyone appreciates the attention to detail and extraordinary drawing abilities. It will capture the attention of people easily.

However, sometimes the effectiveness of the classic typical designs will prove more effective than the detailed designs on the t-shirts. Therefore, make sure you use design as simple as possible. You can implement an intricate design, but it might backfire on you. For instance, graphic t-shirts cannot be worn on formal occasions. However, customized t-shirts with simple designs are great for formal and informal events.

Consider the Market

This tip is essential if you plan to use customized t-shirts to promote your business. As per B2bmarketing, the promotion will help your business stand apart from the customers. Business owners should consider the target market before implementing a specific design on the t-shirts.

Think about who the t-shirts are for? Are you planning to get to use them to attract women customers? Or do you want to use it to capture the attention of Millenials? The design you use on your t-shirts should be able to promote the brand image of your company.

To enhance the effectiveness of your customized t-shirts for promotional purposes, use a simple and written design on the t-shirts. This will help you achieve your marketing goals quickly.

Choose Relevant Colors

You need to remember this critical tip while designing a customized t-shirt. The colors you choose for the t-shirts will determine the beauty and attractiveness of the t-shirts. Make sure you choose colors that can complement your personality. This will help you a lot during the color selection process.

However, make sure you also consider the color of your skin. Some colors will look either good or bad, depending on your skin color. Therefore, make sure you don’t make mistakes while selecting the colors. Otherwise, you mind end up customizing a t-shirt that you won’t even wear.

Choose Humor Properly 

Some people use humor or sarcastic texts while designing their t-shorts. This incredible design idea will help you customize your t-shirt perfectly. The humor or snarky texts will not only capture the audience’s attention. Still, they will also help you showcase your sense of humor properly.

However, it would help to be careful while choosing humorous texts on the t-shirts. Keep in mind that you cannot control who sees your t-shirt and who doesn’t. Therefore, don’t choose any texts or offensive that people might find offensive. This will destroy your image and reputation.


These are the top 6 tips you should remember while customizing your t-shirts. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to comment down below.