Tobias Carvel’s Motivational Speeches Makes Anyone Feel Confident

Tobiase Carvel Washington, better known as her real name, Tobiase Carvell, or her Tiktok alias, DaRealTobiaseCarvell, is a comedian from Natchez, Mississippi, who makes comedy skits as well as motivational speeches on live streams. The comedy skits are published across several social media accounts. Tobiase is well known for several reasons, including his viral TikTok videos and being on the show Judge Jerry’s 59th episode of the 3rd episode. In one of his more viral tiktoks, Tobiase breaks his mother’s table, which raises a reaction, and commotion from his mother. In another viral TikTok, he slipped on ice. With all of this, he is also known for his eating videos.

His Motivational Content

Tobiase is also known for his motivational speeches. These speeches are usually given on live streams on Facebook and exude an aura of positivity and confidence, which makes his followers feel uplifted and motivated.

In his speeches, Tobiase preaches body positivity, being independent, climbing the ladder of life, and his example of how he worked hard for where he is. He tells his followers to never give in to those who try to bring them down or hate them and to always be at their best and give their best shot at what they do. His examples also include how he has been doing things for himself since he was 16 and didn’t need anyone to help him. This is an example for his followers, who, Tobiase says, can also do this.

Tobiase To His Haters

Tobiase stays nice even to people who dislike his content. In a Livestream, he said to his followers, “care about yourself.” But to those who cross lines, he sets an example of how people should be and is ruthless to blatant haters.

Tobiase To His Followers

Unlike his haters, anyone that likes or doesn’t disrespect him, Tobiase treats them nicely, with respect, and with comedy because making someone laugh is the best way to make them open up to you. Even when tired from his daily life, he lives streams for his followers and gives them speeches and talks to them to make them feel motivated. How he carries himself without hesitation and with pure confidence makes people feel empowered, even his followers admit this.

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