Tips to choose the best chairs for your restaurant

If you are in the process of decorating and setting up your restaurant, and you are looking for the ideal furniture, this article will be of great help.

The moment of choosing the furniture and decoration is a moment of great enthusiasm and illusion. The restaurant chairs and the rest of the furniture have a great impact on the ambiance of the restaurant, so you have to choose wisely.

There are so many different designs and types on the market that it is often overwhelming to choose which one is right for your place. That is why we will give you several tips that will help you choose the best chairs for your restaurant.

You may not even be opening a bar or restaurant, but you are thinking of refreshing the atmosphere of your place, give it a facelift and renew it because you think the furniture you have is old or out of fashion. Whatever your situation is, if you are looking for the best restaurant chairs, you are reading the right article.

Let’s see what are the tips that will be very helpful when choosing the ideal chairs for your restaurant.

Tip 1

The first thing to consider is: Meet your needs. By this we mean that you should consider both style and utility. It is important to consider functionality when choosing a product; for example, it is not the same to have to choose chairs for indoors than for outdoors. First make sure you know what type of chair you need and then focus on the design.

On the other hand, you should consider the product’s resistance and comfort. These factors are paramount, and come before the choice of design. This means that if you really like the design of a chair, but the chair is not very comfortable, then you should discard it. Comfort and durability come first!

Also, if you own a family restaurant, you should consider if they can mix and match baby chairs, or that they can be adapted to the ones you want to buy. The ergonomics and material of the chairs must be suitable for small children.

Tip 2 

Chairs should match the decoration of the place. The furniture in a restaurant is part of the ambiance, and therefore, it is also responsible for attracting or repelling customers. For the chairs to have a positive impact on the diners, they must match the overall atmosphere.

Make sure not to purchase chairs that contrast with the environment; for example, it is not ideal to put a minimalist chair in a classic style restaurant. This type of choice may scare away the clientele.

Therefore, you should choose chairs that go hand in hand with the environment. This doesn’t mean that you can’t risk choosing a new style; you just have to make sure that it doesn’t clash with the atmosphere of the place. Never forget that the style of the chairs should match the style of the tables, as they are closely related.

When choosing the design of the chairs, you should consider the style of your business; if it is a modern or classic restaurant, etc. You cannot just buy any chair you like without considering all these issues beforehand, otherwise the final result may not be harmonious.

Tip 3

As mentioned above, comfort comes first! The fact that the chair is really comfortable is a fundamental factor for diners to have a good experience and want to stay for several hours. If the chairs in a restaurant are uncomfortable, people will want to leave early, and that means they will consume less.

That’s why you should always try them yourself before you buy them. This is important, especially if you were thinking of buying the chairs online. Nowadays we are used to doing everything through the computer, but buying the chairs online without trying them first can be a blunder.

Tip 4

The size of the chairs is a very important issue that you should consider beforehand, especially if you do not have much space in your restaurant.

It all depends a lot on the size of your restaurant. If your place is somewhat small, you should try to avoid chairs with wide arms, as they take up more space.  Although diners usually love this type of chairs because they are the most comfortable, they are not a good option for small spaces.

Tip 5

It is important that the chairs you choose reflect the style and personality you intend to give to your restaurant. It is very important for a restaurant to have its own style and to be original. Therefore, adding a distinctive detail to the chairs could be the final adjustment to convey the essence of the restaurant. You can even decorate them yourself, with some vinyl or original prints.