The Trump’s Saga — Learn Everything About His Family- A guide

Call it the wheel of fortune that you landed on this guide by which entails everything you need to know about Donald Trump’s Family.


Mary Anne MacLeod, the mother of Donald Trump, met Fred Trump, the father of Mr. Donald Trump at a party. She moved to the United States at the age of 17, carrying $50 in her pocket.

Fred Trump was a successful real estate business tycoon then, while his wife Donald Trump’s mother used to work as a nanny and a maid. Fred leveraged his father’s riches to build his empire, which was then sold in 2004 by his children for 16x more of their worth back in Fred’s classics.

Because Fred had encountered Alzheimer, he named his properties to his children. It was this way, his children managed to build their staggering fortunes, cutting massive chunks of taxes.

Followed by the departure of Fred Trump in 1999 at the age of 93, Donald Trump’s mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, died at the age of 88 in 2000.


Fred and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump had five children including Donald Trump himself. His eldest sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, judged the Third Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of the Federal Government, but stepped down upon the presidency of her brother, Mr. Donald Trump back in 2017.

His Elder Brother, Fred Trump Jr, died of alcoholism, and was a pilot who flew planes for the Air National Guard.

Marrying the film producer James Grau back in 1989, his older sister, Elizabeth Trump Grau, now lives in Florida after retiring as an administrative assistant.

Mr. Trump had an only younger brother named Robert Trump, who died in 2020, aged 71. Robert stuck to his father’s business and endeavored to thrive on its roots, which he did successfully.

First Wife & Offspring

Trump married Ivana Trump, his first wife, back in 1977, whom he divorced after 15 years of their marriage in 1992.

They had three children together, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump, while the couple only knew each other for a year before their marriage. Ivana’s profession as a model and fashion designer attracted Mr. Trump’s attention, who later replaced her profession with the CEO of Castle Casino Resort.

Ivana, while parting ways, was compensated with a Connecticut Mansion having 45 rooms, and $14 million from Mr. Trump, who was charged with being cruel and vicious with her. However, since she signed an NDA, the allegations were never elaborated.

Their eldest son, Donald Jr, now runs the Trump Organization, assisted by his younger brother Eric Trump. He has also signified competing for the presidency in the 2024 election.

Ivanka Trump, their oldest daughter, was the Vice President of the Trump Organization and used to own a fashion company before joining politics. She served her father as a Senior Advisor and directed the Office of Economics Initiatives and Entrepreneurship.

Eric Trump, their second son and the last of their children, looks after the Trump Organization with his Elder Brother, Donald Trump Jr. Both Eric and Donald were accused of attacking Hunter Biden, the second son of Joe Biden, 46th President of the USA.

Second Wife & Offspring

After divorcing Ivana Trump in 1992, Trump tied the knots with Marla Maples, an American Actress, and his second wife. Their marriage lasted from 1993 to 1999, where they had an only and youngest daughter named Tiffany Trump.

Marla, being an actress, is a guest speaker who talks about spirituality and the power of the soul. Their daughter, however, is not apparently involved in politics like the rest of her siblings. She assists a Georgetown-based law professor with his research, and launched her single named ‘Like A Bird’ back in 2011, at the age of 18.

But because the song flopped, she never looked back at Music, and continued with her professional career.

Third Wife & Offspring

It was in 2005, when Melania, his third wife, and Trump got married, and 2006 when their youngest son, Barron Trump was born.

Melania and Trump met at a party in 1998. She moved to New York from Slovenia in 1996 after winning a modeling contract, which she pursued enthusiastically. Coming from a foreign country and not being a native English woman makes her the second woman to be titled as the First Lady.

Barron, however, is a thriving boy who speaks both Slovenian and English fluently. He often makes appearances with his father at his rallies, ceremonies, and events.