The Sims 4 Green Life – Crafting Skills Guide


To allow our virtual favorites to lead a lifestyle more free from consumerism, the ninth expansion of The Sims 4 dedicates a large space to activities related to crafts . In this sense, the arrival of The Sims 4 Ecological Life sees the introduction of two new skills , respectively Fabrication and Effervescence . The first defines familiarity in the production of objects and furniture from recycled materials, while the second is used in the preparation of three new types of drinks .


This guide will explain everything you need to know about the contents and the development of skill manufacturing and effervescence in The Sims 4 Ecological Life , in addition to providing lists of what you can achieve with them.

Manufacturing skills

How to get started

If the story you have planned for your Sims is that they are environmentally friendly and want to save money on furnishing their home at the same time , then it is imperative that crafting skills are part of their skills. Thanks to it, in fact, the Sims will be able to produce furniture , candles , parts for the upgrade and even food.


As often happens, the game offers two ways to increase the level of skill: one theoretical , which consists in reading the special books that can be purchased from the library, and the other, of course, practical , which translates into the use of objects related to the inherent activities. , that is the maker and the table for the creation of candles . Both can be purchased from the catalog by browsing the Activities and Skills section. For More Interesting Guides Visit This Site Trucchi The Sims.


Neither of the two locations is particularly cumbersome, but if you don’t have a large enough home with a corner or courtyard that can accommodate them, then we suggest creating a community space in the area where you live (or take advantage of the existing one) and vote why you become an atelier . In this way you will have the necessary machinery at your disposal without being forced to make up space in your own home.

Parts, fragments and tinctures

Whether you intend to create objects or candles, among the ingredients that you must make sure you have in sufficient quantity before starting to work there are the Parts and the Fragments . These components are not items to add to the Sim’s inventory, but they are real new currencies like simoleons. Not surprisingly, to check the current amount of Parts and Fragments in possession we must place the cursor over the budget of the family unit .


Although the Parts and Fragments are two separate currencies, they are always obtained and spent together . The most popular method to earn them passes through the Purifier , a machine that recovers them by scrapping anything we no longer need . It works like this: once positioned (located in the Outdoor Activities section ), we have to click on it and press the interaction “ Recycle from inventory … ”, Then select what we want to sacrifice to start the process. The purifier accepts everything indiscriminately: objects , books , perishable material , fruitsand more. The number of Parts and Fragments collected will depend on the size and quantity of objects fed to the machine.


Beyond Parts and Fragments, the default coloring of any piece of furniture you want to make does not require anything else. However, specific variants , such as black or red, require their corresponding dyes . Most of the tinctures can be purchased directly by clicking on the maker or on the candle making table and pressing the interaction ” Buy Tinctures … ” / ” Buy Ingredients … “. However, there are two particular dyes that can only be recovered by rummaging in the garbage: we are talking about the Squared Dye and the Tristo Dye .

Crafting objects

With all the necessary ingredients available, you can proceed with the manufacture. So let’s click on the Fabricator and choose the “ Factory… “ interaction . The list of objects that we know how to make will now appear on the screen , and we will have to select one of them. This last action will in turn open a submenu from which we will have to decide which color to apply . Here for each variant the required dye will be indicated.


At this point, the Sim will interact with the device until the process is complete. It can sometimes happen that the execution fails , and this happens when the injector rebels (in a funny way) or in case of small accidents on the way that, as a result, will go to stain the skin of the Sim . At the end of a successful attempt, however, the manufactured item will be placed in the inventory of the household.


Most of the fabricable items are unlocked by increasing the skill level . However, there are some schemes that can only be acquired in two other ways: either thanks to the teachings of the Creator Mentor , or through the Environmental Technician branch of the Civil Designer career . The Creator Mentor is an NPC (non-player character) who is in the community spaces that have been transformed into Atelier , and it will be this figure who will often turn to us to teach us certain patterns (without any action being required on our part). When this happens we will be notified with a notification.


Civil planners, on the other hand, are able to sketch eco-inventive projects once they have undertaken the branch of environmental technician, using the Electronic Drawing Tablet . The draft drawn must then be sent by post to ” Innovative Solutions Spa “, a company that will evaluate the project and decide whether to approve it or not. The probabilities of this happening are connected to the quality of the drawing , which can be increased if you present the sketch to any Sim and then proceed to modify it according to the latter’s opinions. If the prototype is approved, a new (random) item will be unlocked at the fabricator.

Create candles

In addition to Parts and Fragments, candle making requires the use of wax , whether it comes from soy or from bees . The first kind can be immediately bought by clicking on the creation table and pressing the interaction ” Buy ingredients … “. Beeswax, on the other hand, can only be obtained from beekeeping , an activity available if the Seasons expansion is installed . In any case, it seems that not there are qualitative differences between the two types of this raw material.


Similarly to the manufacture of objects, to give shape to candles we have to click on the creation table, choose the interaction ” Create a candle … “, and finally choose the desired model and color . The Sim will thus carry out the interaction and at the end of the procedure the candle will be found in the inventory.