The main differences between SAFe and Scrum

Having a good hold over the basic certifications like CSM certification in the industry is very much advisable for people so that they can enjoy perfect skills without any kind of doubt. The productivity and result-oriented approach in the industry has made it very much possible for individuals to have a good grip over the basic agile frameworks so that everything can be carried out in the best possible manner and people will be able to enjoy multiple benefits in the long run. Scrum is known as the comprehensive light in terms of weight framework which is considered to be the highest possible value providing system in modern-day organisations. There are three main roles in this particular area which will be of scrum master, product owner and the development team. Being clear about the basic differences between SAFe and scrum is very important on the behalf of people in some of those top-notch certifications and differences have been explained as follows:

  1. Scrum is considered to be one of the best possible agile frameworks which have to be implemented by the companies for the projects and works in a very simple organisational structure in the whole process. SAFe is considered to be the comprehensive agile framework for the large bodies which will always make sure that expanding of the knowledge will be carried out beyond the scope of the teams. This concept is based upon the very broad version of agile thinking.
  2. If the individuals are talking about the structure of the team then scrum will normally have 7-11 members which should be including the main role of the product owner, scrum master and the development team in the whole process. On the other hand, SAFe will be including different kinds of other categories like release train engineer, program management, value stream engineer, solution architect, epic owners and various other kinds of related things.
  3. In the world of scrum generally, the level of dependency will be lower in comparison to the SAFe because in scrum the development team will be having the freedom of organising themselves and managing the workload accordingly. But on the other hand in the cases of SAFe, there will be a very high level of coordination requirements in the whole process so that alignment can be easily taken into consideration which will help in creating a very high dependency.
  4. In the cases of the scrum, the project will be implanted within the sprint so that every sprint will be having a length of 1-4 weeks very successfully. This is known as a specific timebox where the project will be implemented very well and different kinds of ceremonies will be occurring in the whole process very well. On the other hand, in the cases of SAFe, the structure will be including a two weeks cycle in which the plan do check it this method will be followed in the whole process.

Apart from all the above-mentioned points, it is also very much important for the organisations to be clear about the overall objectives so that everything can be implemented very well and having a clear idea about scrum VS SAFe is a very important aspect to be taken into consideration to indulge into accurate decision-making at every step and implement the frameworks perfectly.