The Former Hong Kong Property Billionaire Pan Sutong’s Gets Bankruptcy Order

Despite his soaring wealth, Pan Sutong’s is struggling to repay his huge debts. His pet project has stalled, and creditors are threatening to liquidate his Hong Kong and Bermuda companies. Even his mansion in Hong Kong has been scheduled for auction several times, in an attempt to raise cash for his massive bills. In 2015, Pan was ranked No. 6 on Hong Kong’s richest people list, but now he may be facing bankruptcy.

Goldin Metropolitan

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Chinese tycoon Pan Sutong’s is in a desperate fight to hold on to what’s left of his empire. His empire once included consumer electronics, property, wine, and financial services. Now, the billionaire is trying to raise enough money to keep his company afloat.

Pan’s investment holding company, Goldin Properties, specializes in high-end properties. The company was responsible for the construction of a mega-project in Tianjin, which began construction in 2007. The investor was confident in the city’s prospects of becoming a regional economic hub, but the company has not made any payments.

Silver Starlight

In the past few years, the economic importance of Tianjin has dwindled. As a result, Silver Starlight has been unable to meet the terms of its loans and debt. As of 2019, the company has failed to make payments on its loans. It is owing a total of $10 billion, but has only paid a portion of that debt. While Tianjin was once a major economic hub in China, it has fallen on hard times.

The property tycoon Pan Sutong once considered one of Asia’s richest men has had a very difficult time repaying creditors and is now facing the closure of his holding company, Silver Starlight. His fortune was once estimated at around $27 billion, but the property collapse has wiped out most of his fortune. Previously, Pan had built up massive debts through his Goldin Financial Holdings Ltd., which he listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2008. His business interests span multiple countries, including property, factoring, wine, and dining.

Tianjin’s Economic Importance

Tianjin - A profile

The Chinese property market is on the rocks. Many developers have defaulted on loans and cash flow problems. And now, the city’s economic importance is fading. However, Pan Sutong and his investment holding company have a plan to turn the situation around. This plan is known as the Lan Wei Lu, or the tallest tower in China. But there are many uncertainties surrounding the project, and it is not clear whether it will succeed:

  • Goldin Properties, a unit of Pan Sutong’s company, was in charge of the mega-project in Tianjin.
  • Pan believed in Tianjin’s future as a regional economic hub, and had invested heavily in it.
  • But the project was not financially successful, and Pan’s investment holding company has not paid off the loan yet.

Debt Problems

Pan Sutongs is facing a tumultuous financial situation. Chinese creditors are piling up against him. They are seeking to liquidate the company and force it to declare bankruptcy. The company owes Citic Bank $8 billion and several other creditors are suing it to recover the money. Currently, the case is on hold while Pan files an appeal.

Pan’s debt problems have pushed his business empire to the brink of collapse. His debts have soared as his businesses in Hong Kong and Bermuda fell into bad shape. Even his mansion in Hong Kong has had to be remortgaged to pay off debts. At one time, Pan was the seventh richest person in Hong Kong, but now he is at a point where he is frantically trying to raise enough money to make his business work.

Liquidity Shortages

With a massive debt mountain to pay, Pan Sutongs is now in a desperate situation. His Hong Kong and Bermuda businesses are in danger of being liquidated and creditors are demanding payment. His Hong Kong mansion has been scheduled for sale several times to raise cash. Five years ago, Pan ranked as the seventh richest man in Hong Kong. Despite his huge fortune, his plans for the future have come to a screeching halt.

Asia’s Wealthiest Men

Once considered one of Asia’s wealthiest men, Pan Sutong’s fortune was wiped out after the collapse of the property market. Last month, he resigned from his position as chairman of Goldin Financial Holdings Ltd., after the sale of the company’s flagship skyscraper collapsed. Several banks are suing Pan. Among them are Citic Bank of China Ltd.

Chinese Real Estate Market

China's real estate market set to stabilize in 2019 -

Chinese President Xi Jinping has worked to cool house prices and curb financial leverage in the real estate market. This has dealt a severe blow to China’s property market, leaving many developers facing cash flow problems and defaulting on their debts. Pan faces the prospect of losing his control of his Tianjin project. In addition, his Goldin Financial Global Center is in financial trouble, with creditors threatening to seize all of its assets.

Final Words:

His plans for his company are now in tatters under a mountain of debt. His creditors are seeking the liquidation of his companies, and he has remortgaged his Hong Kong mansion several times to raise funds. Pan once had a fortune of $12.2 billion and even owned vineyards in France and California. He also had a horse breeding farm in Australia.